REPORT Rob Kardashian attacks photographer over shirtless photos, takes memory card

Rob Kardashian at 1 Oak Nightclub celebrates Rob Kardashian's 26th Birthday inside Mirage Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, NV, United States.

Rob Kardashian has literally been working his butt off in the gym lately in an attempt to lose some of the reported 40 pounds he put on after his break up with Rita Ora, which was a bit unamicable to say the least (as in 20 guys unamicable — allegedly). But, it seems Rob isn’t quite back to where he wants to be physique-wise and reportedly got into a bit of a scuffle with a female photographer who was snapping photos of him without a shirt.

According to TMZ, after seeing that a female photographer was taking photos of him without his shirt, Rob approached the woman and grabbed her camera. He then removed the memory card while she was still attempting to take photographs and allegedly struck her in the face during the struggle. After promising to pay her back for the stolen memory card later, Rob fled the scene.

“The paparazzi alleged that while she was photographing Rob Kardashian, he grabbed her camera and removed the memory card. During the struggle, the paparazzi stated that she was struck in the face by Rob Kardashian,” reads a statement from the Beverly Hills Police Department. “The paparazzi identified the suspect as Rob Kardashian, who fled the location with the memory card.”

The investigation is ongoing.

UPDATE: Rob is now telling friends that the photographer was actually a peeping tom who entered the garage to Gunnar Peterson’s West Hollywood Gym where he was changing and took photos of him. The garage area is caged off from the street and requires a code to get in. It’s unclear how the photographer was able to enter the premises.

A manager of the gym tells TMZ that several celebrities train there and that “photogs have a custom of waiting on public property to get their shot.”

What’s this? A female paparazzo snuck into a gym to get topless photos of Rob Kardashian? Something tells me he won’t get the same outpouring of support that Kate Middleton did.

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