Amanda Bynes acts bizarre, “hates” everyone besides the five people she follows on Twitter

Amanda Bynes Twitter Picture

Amanda Bynes claims to want privacy. Yet, the bizarre tweets and pictures she shares keep her in the headlines. Within the last week, she’s tweeted about wanting Drake to do vulgar things to her, twerking out and starting a fashion line.

Bynes, who recently said she wants to weigh 100 pounds, also shared the top picture and said she was feeling pudgy. A short while later, she was pictured wandering around Times Square in New York City with a blue shirt over her head. A source told Us Magazine that Bynes kept walking into things because she couldn’t see through the opaque shirt.

Amanda Bynes With Wig

Today, Bynes seemingly defended herself against the publication by tweeting she plans to sue.

March 28: I’m suing @UsWeekly and @PerezHilton for continuing to act like I’m doing something wrong by tweeting and walking to photoshoots. F*** you!!!!

The retired actress tweeted earlier in March that she hates everyone she doesn’t follow on Twitter. That’s a pretty bold statement, considering she is only following five people: Tommy Campos, Bryce Scarlett, Troy Sex, Tanz Watson and President Barack Obama. (She famously tweeted at the president last year to ask for help dismissing a DUI charge.) Former friends of Bynes’ have said her parents are distraught about everything as their daughter has cut off all communication.  Sad to say, but the only thing that Amanda Bynes seems to be successful at lately is confusing people. Here’s to hoping she gets the help she seems to need.

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