MUG SHOT Jenelle Evans briefly jailed on Tuesday

Jenelle Evans Jailed

Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans spent two hours on Tuesday afternoon behind bars at the J. Reuben Long Detention Center in Horry County, South Carolina… And it’s all because of some fairly minor offenses.

According to the booking record, Jenelle was locked up for driving without a license. She was there from just after 2 in the afternoon until 4 before posting $237 in bail. Still, that was enough time for authorities to take a new mug shot of Jenelle.

Jenelle Evans mugshot 2015 arrest

After getting out, Jenelle retweeted a friend who explained the mother-of-two didn’t realize she did anything wrong until she was busted by South Carolina Highway Patrol.

“Yall chill,” Jenelle’s friend said. “She paid a speeding tick 3 days late in 2013 &license was just suspended recently&she had no idea.It’s cleared up It’s all good.”

The Horry County Sheriff’s Office doesn’t indicate whether Jenelle faces further fines or penalties.

UPDATE Jenelle addressed the arrest on Facebook

“How r u going to suspended my license becuz a seat belt ticket was paid 3 days late back in 2013 ?! Soooo the NC DMV suspends my license last month then doesn’t tell me?! Niiiiice,” she said. “Got my license back tho.”

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