PHOTOS Uncle Si Robertson with wife Christine Robertson

Duck Dynasty Uncle Si's wife Christine Robertson

I think if you held down most Duck Dynasty fans and forced ’em to do yoga until they admitted who their favorite cast member is, the winner would end up being Uncle Si Robertson.

A while back we put up a post about a rather unfamiliar entity in the Robertson universe, Si’s wife of many, many years, Christine Robertson. Jep’s wife Jessica posted a pic of Christine to Twitter hanging with her reed-cutting hubby at pioneer woman Miss Kay’s 65th birthday party.

It was only a smiling peek of Christine but we’ve rounded up the two photos in this post to give y’all a full duck’s-eye view of Mrs. Si Robertson! The one above is really great, showing Si as we all know him today in full-bearded splendor looking happy, happy, happy with his lovely wife.

Well Jack, take a gander at this photo from back in the day of Silas and Christine:

Duck Dynasty Uncle Si's wife Christine and family

The original post of the photo stated that that it’s origin is circa 1993 from the Gurley Church of Christ directory in Gurley, Alabama. It lists Si, Christine and the young man pictured as Scott.

I have to say that Silas looks handsome even with a neatly trimmed beard, sweater and over-sized shirt collar. No wonder Christine has held on to her unsweet-tea-drinking sweetie!

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