REPORT Blac Chyna admits she started Kylie Jenner feud because she was ‘heartbroken’ over Tyga, wants another baby by him

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A new twist in the ongoing Blac Chyna-Kylie Jenner feud emerged this weekend, after Blac dropped a top secret truth bomb right atop Tyga’s head. What did she say? Chyna admitted she’s perpetuated the whole Kylie Jenner feud because she’s heartbroken…over having lost Tyga in the first place.

That’s right: the Kylie Jenner feud allegedly has nothing to do with any personal dislike on Blac Chyna’s part. It’s all because Chyna “was in pain,” said a mutual friend, “that the [she and Tyga] were no longer together.”

According to the friend, Tyga sat down with Blac Chyna this weekend to discuss the Kylie Jenner feud, and the conversation the two had was unusually frank. “[Chyna] told Tyga she loves him and misses him terribly. She even congratulated him on the success of his concerts and video game.”

Kylie Jenner Feud Kylie

The Kylie Jenner feud wasn’t the only topic of discussion, though. According to another friend, Blac Chyna had one other surprise for Tyga: namely, she wants a second baby–and she thinks he would make the perfect father.

Said the source, “[The two] talked a lot about King’s well being, and that’s when Blac dropped a bombshell on him—she told him she wants another baby with him!”

Does that mean that Blac Chyna wants to end the Kylie Jenner feud? Apparently, it means more than that: Blac doesn’t just want another baby; she wants the Tygster back as the man in her life. The source continued: “She told him another child would bring them back together as a family and how King would love a baby brother or sister.”

Kylie Jenner Feud Tyga

A reunion might be easier said than done, though, given how much shade both sides have thrown at each other in the ongoing Blac Chyna-Kylie Jenner feud. The acrimony between the two has led to numerous high-profile Tyga-Kylie breakup rumors, and it seems unlikely that Tyga would go back to the woman who caused him such heartache if he does wind up getting dumped by Kylie.

At the same time, though, Kylie has been clamoring for a showdown with Blac Chyna ever since her eighteenth birthday, and, according to all reports, would welcome an end to the Kylie Jenner feud, one way or another.


(Photo credits: Kylie Jenner Feud via KJ, BC, Tyga on Instagram)

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