Caitlyn Jenner unfollows daughter Kendall, then refollows amid controversy

Something weird is going on with the Jenner family.

Recently Keeping up With The Kardashians star Caitlyn Jenner unfollowed her daughter Kendall Jenner, causing fans to wonder if there was some sort of rift between them. Then, unexpectedly, the reality star followed Kendall back.

What is going on with the Jenners?

I Am Cait

When Caitlyn Jenner transitioned to female in 2017 most of her family backed her with support. Though there was a bit of a hiccup when her memoir Secrets of My Life accused Kris Jenner of being a monster, the two have reconciled and it seemed like the family was back on track.

Jenner’s biological daughters Kendall and Kylie always showed a united front when it came to their dad’s gender expression, but it looks like there might be some drama festering behind the scenes that we didn’t know about.

Recently Jenner made waves when she was caught unfollowing model Kendall on Instagram, a weird move for such a close-knit family.

Do the Jenners have a rift between them?

Does the unfollowing drama on Instagram point to a rift between father and daughter? Not nessesarily. In the craziest twist, days later Jenner ended up refollowing Kendall, putting her at the top of her “following” list.

This didn’t stop Twitter users from coming to their own conclusions, of course. Fans still think there might be something shady going on between the pair.

One may remember when Kendall Jenner through a fit because Caitlyn wanted to come to her Victoria Secret fashion show. Kendall doesn’t like when her famous family sits front row when she’s working the catwalk because she thinks it draws all the attention away from her.

Is it possible Caitlyn wanted to crash one of Kendall’s modelling events and got offended when she was turned away? Any theory is possible as neither father nor daughter has commented on this bizarre family controversy.

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