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Nathan Griffith

The bitter custody battle over Jenelle Eason’s son Kaiser rages on, with Jenelle and husband David Eason winning the latest round by being completely cleared of the recent abuse allegations made against them by Kaiser’s dad Nathan Griffith and grandmother Doris. Nathan filed for primary custody late last month, and he has vowed to continue the fight in the courts. While he suffers through the excruciatingly slow legal process, Nathan continues to work out his frustration in the gym, and he showed off his hard work by competing in a bodybuilding competition in Florida over the weekend.

The competition was an official NPC event in Gainesville, and Nathan’s participation was a last minute decision. “So… I wasn’t going to compete this early,” Nathan explained in his caption to an Instagram gallery of images and video from the weekend’s competition, “but I decided three days before that I was going to wake up Friday and if I felt ready, I would get in the car a leave. Friday came around and I felt it would be a good experience.”

Joining Nathan in Gainesville, but not on stage, was his bodybuilding girlfriend Ashley Lanhardt. It appears as though she is the one who took all of the pictures and video clips shared by the both of them. We slightly altered the photo of Nathan above just for fun, but here is an original unedited (but cropped) snap of Nathan and Ashley together:

Nathan Griffith girlfriend Ashley

And another snap of Nathan actually competing on stage:

Nathan Griffith bodybuilding competition on stage

Given the impromptu decision to participate, Nathan’s expectations were not high. “I didn’t expect to win, all I wanted was positive criticism,” he explained. “I had a few slip ups here and there and that’s why I wasn’t for sure going to do this show.” But things seemed to turn out better than he hoped. “Come to find out, I ended up getting first call outs but not good enough to get a trophy. It’s disappointing but I didn’t go to win. So, I’m ok with it.”

Nathan emphasizes that despite not feeling as though he was fully prepared this weekend, it still took a lot of work and effort. “Now, everyone that thinks I’m blessed and I can just jump into a show with no work is absolutely mistaken. I did prep, I was cutting and counting my micros and busting my ass.”

Nathan made it a point to thank Ashley for her support. “Thanks [Ashley] for always supporting me and being there when I need you the most. You really help me pull through this and without your help I probably wouldn’t have been able to compete at this show.”

Ashley also posted a gallery of Nathan at the competition (included below), and she addressed why Nathan was so dark looking in the photos — a question that seems to come up any time someone competes in an NPC competition who has a fan base not familiar with how they work. “First show of the season!!!! ??♣️,” Ashley began her caption excitedly. “SIDE NOTE: to all the people making rude remarks on the ‘dark tan’, getting a professional spray tan is necessary for the sport. It shows definition & is a requirement for a show. Yes it sucks, but it looks best on stage.”

So when can we expect Ashley to join Nathan on stage in a competition? “I’m competing in a few weeks!” Ashley reveals. “This was a last minute show Nate decided to do 2 days before!” she reminded us.

Nathan is no stranger to bodybuilding competitions, and even threw his hat in the ring as an MMA cage fighter for a hot minute a few years ago.

Here are the full galleries uploaded by Nathan and Ashley:

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