Jenelle Evans deletes Twitter; claims Gary told her she wasn’t his fiance

In not-so-shocking news Jenelle Evans has once again deleted her Twitter account. Why has she done it this time? Apparently her and her fiance, Gary Head, got into a fight.. again. Who’s fault was it this time? Moments before she deleted her account, she claimed that Gary told her that she was never his fiance. Ouch. Perhaps it was a bit harsh, but was deleting her account really necessary? Who is she punishing?

Gary re-tweeted what she had wrote which red, “@PBandJenelley_1: “yu were never my fiancé” – @gary_head” The tweet also included the caption “OMG NO ONE CARES” which a follower included. Fans everywhere are getting sick of their ongoing disputes and never know when to take them seriously.

Maybe the girl is just a little moody lately. Gary tweeted, “Someone has issues today.” You could definitely argue that they both have their own issues. The on-again, off-again couple has broken up and gotten back together on Twitter more than we can even keep track of.

Gary also re-tweeted what a fan had said, “Seriously, learn how to speak to someone and not fight over f***ing Twitter.” Whoever wrote that has the right idea. Jenelle and Gary are always airing their dirty laundry over Twitter. Just weeks ago, they had a drama where Gary brought an AK-47 to James Duffy’s house to retrieve Jenelle’s panties.

Jenelle has publicly admitted to not trusting her fiance to even speak to other girls. Sound healthy? Of course not. Their relationship is clearly unstable and even a bit toxic. If you are breaking up every other week, maybe you shouldn’t be engaged — or even dating! We wish the best for Jenelle and but breaking up every week isn’t the best! Regardless of who is in the wrong, this relationship seems to be causing more stress than any relationship should.

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