VIDEOS PHOTOS Jenelle Evans’ boyfriend Nathan Griffith’s MMA fight

Jenelle Evans' boyfriend Nathan Griffith's MMA fight with Draco photo

Early last month Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans revealed that her hunky beau Nathan Griffith would be returning to the ring, and his first fight was this Saturday in Havelock, North Carolina as part of the Primus III amateur mixed martial arts competition.

Nathan, who weighed in at 170 pounds, fought Muhieddin “Draco” Alkhatib, who weighed in at 172 pounds, in a three-round bout. Draco had a 2-1 record coming in while Nathan, due to his lengthy departure from the sport, had no official record.

Jenelle Evans' Nathan Griffith Draco MMA fight weigh in photo

Jenelle made the trip up to see the fight and posted the photo of Nathan and Draco above from the weigh-in before excitedly tweeting:

Unfortunately for Jenelle (and more importantly Nathan), the well-wishes weren’t enough as Nathan was defeated by Draco in the bout. But, Nathan did manage to last all three rounds and lost due to a unanimous decision by the judges.

Here’s a photo posted on Draco’s Facebook page after the decision was announced in which you can see a dejected Nathan in the background:

Nathan Griffith MMA fight with Draco lost

Here is the entire fight in three videos — one for each round:




“Yes, Nathan did not win the fight but the decision was very close!” Jenelle tweeted shortly after the match. “He put up a fantastic fight and I couldn’t be more proud of him,” she added. Then, in response to folks posting negative things about Nathan and chiding him for his loss, Jenelle tweeted, “Let’s see yu last 3 rounds 5 mins each being plastered… Don’t think so! Love u gorgeous. Chin up! ❤️” She then reminded everyone, “Oh and btw… He only trained 2 months. He’s a fast learner.”

He may be a fast learner, but Nathan appears to not be a fast healer because Jenelle posted a photo earlier today of him captioned, “Rocking those Zombie Headphones lol” in which it appears that he’s still sporting a black eye:

Nathan Griffithlooks to have a  black eye after his MMA fight

There’s no word yet when, or if, Nathan will be getting back into the ring.

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