PHOTOS Selma Blair’s horse whispering baby bump

Selma Blair and her horse whispering baby bump celebrate Taffy's 10th birthday

Sometimes I come across photos that are just too great not to post.  The above gem features a blogger trifecta of a cute animal, a celeb baby bump and a great candid moment.

Actress Selma Blair, Hellboy, Legally Blonde, spent some quality time with her much-loved horse Taffy on its 10th birthday in Burbank, California yesterday.  It looks like Selma’s baby bump is playing horse whisperer or maybe it was the other way around!  The 38-year-old is expecting her first baby with boyfriend, designer Jason Bleic.

In additional Selma Blair news she posted a link to the following video in support of H&M’s FAA (Fashion Against Aids) campaign.  In the clip she encourages folks to have sex in a loving and responsible way stating matter-of-factly that, “It’s not that hard to wear a condom.”

Here’s a another great photo of Selma Blair and her horse whispering baby bump:

Selam Blair and her horse whispering baby bump

Photos: KOKOPIX/