What does Angelina Jolie’s mysterious 7th tattoo mean?

Angelina Jolie has some very meaningful tattoos on her left arm: a list of the coordinates of the birthplaces of her six children. Oddly enough, she was recently spotted with a seventh coordinate even though she has not, and claims she doesn’t plan to have another child. What does the seven coordinate represent? Is she secretly adopting another child?

It turns out the coordinates are for Oklahoma, where her long-term boyfriend Brad Pitt was born. Is this an acknowledgement of their committed bond even though they’re choosing not to marry? Is Angelina confirming what most women feel about their husbands/boyfriends: that he’s just another child? The family has recently relocated to L.A. from France, and an “insider” told InTouch that the tattoo signified the family unit.

A third possibility could be that she is in fact adopting a seventh baby from Oklahoma, but in December Angie expressed her desire to stop having kids. The new tattoo might signify that resolution to stay an eight-person family.

Amidst all the rumors, Jolie has continued with her humanitarian work full-force. In February she made a trip to Afghanistan (above,) and last Tuesday she ventured to Choucha camp on the Tunisian-Libyan border to lend support in her role as United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR.) The trip was cut short for security reasons.

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