PHOTOS Maci Bookout changes her hair color to red

Teen Mom Maci Bookout poses with her new orange hair

Teen Mom Maci Bookout is anything but conservative when it comes to her appearance, and yesterday the 20-year old reality star made a drastic change in hair color, abandoning her blonde and black locks for bright red! Actually, more like bright orange!

Maci tweeted the photo above minutes ago along with the caption, “im backkk..”

Fans weren’t taken completely by surprise, though, because Maci let them know what was coming. “hey yall im about to be a ginger again… AH #natural” she tweeted early yesterday. That was followed by “my hair is RED!” and then “almost doneee @GingerProblems” with this photo attached:

Maci Bookout in the salon getting her hair dyed red

I realize that we often call orange colored hair “red” so I will defer to Maci’s description. (But if you check your color wheel, that’s orange y’all!)

So what do you think of Maci’s new look?

UPDATE – Holy smokes! I had my doubts about MAci’s new look, but then I saw this photo that was just shared on the Team Kyle King Facebook page with “#1 #mainthing”

Teen Mom Maci Bookout with red hair 2012

That some red-headed hawtness right there folks! Perhaps there is something to all those comments about her tank top and tongue out after all. (I am guessing this photo was taken just before Maci left for Warped Tour, which she was tweeting about earlier tonight.) (And no, I don’t know where those bubbies came from.)