PHOTOS Kim Kardashian steps out in revealing mesh dress for Paris Fashion Week

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West enjoy a night out in Paris

Kim Kardashian is nothing if not a human chameleon of sorts. Just two days after dropping a platinum blonde bombshell on Europe while in Paris for the city’s annual Fashion Week, Kimmy K decided she wasn’t getting the kind of attention she felt she deserved. The star of Kim Kardashian, Superstar turned heads and drew stares with her mesh-topped dress. In typical Kim fashion, the 34-year-old decided it would be best to go without a bra.

In face, if you look closely, you’ll see that the whole garment is more or less see through. K-Kard must not have felt too desperate for attention, though, as it was only her demure knickers on full view from the bottom down. And the black cape is a dramatic touch. With it, she kind of looks like a superhero whose devotion to fighting fashion crime means she sometimes leaves the house having forgotten to finish dressing.

Or, in the words of the Daily Mail, “Kim’s newly blonde hair and vacant expression made her look more doll-like […] but her outfit showed she is all woman.”

What do you, the viewers at home, think? Is the new look fetching? Or should Kim go back to her natural hair color–and cover up before leaving the hotel?


(Photo credits: WENN)

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