VIDEO PHOTOS Jax wears The Dress on American Idol

The Dress on American Idol_

Tonight was the Top 8 girls performances on American Idol and Jax all but guaranteed her performance would be memerable by wearing “The Dress” that took the internet (and the recesses of my brain) by storm last week!

Amazingly, and perhaps to their credit, none of the judges picked up that the world’s biggest celebrity was on stage as they were too focused on offering Jax feedback (66% not so positive) on her performance of the classic R&B hit “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” but the fact was not lost on host Ryan Seacrest!

Before Jax left the stage, Ryan came out with a cell phone and asked her, “Now is this the dress that broke the internet?”

Jax American Idol The Dress with Ryan Seacrest

“Yes,” Jax responds, laughing. “Is it white and gold?” she asks.

Check out the clip:

Later, Ryan Seacrest had a little fun with Jax’s choice of attire on Twitter:

As did the American Idol Twitter account:

And here’s how you can vote for Jax — and remember, a vote for Jax is a vote for The Dress!

And of course, we can’t do a post about The Dress without having a little Photoshop fun, right?

American Idol Jax The Dress blue and black and gold and white

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