PHOTO Jenelle Evans gives birth to son Kaiser

Jenelle Evans' son Kaiser photo

It seems this blogger got fooled just like everyone else! I was thinking it was perfectly safe to make a run to Target because Jenelle Evans and beau Nathan Griffith were enjoying a nice, giving-birth-free day at the beach, but it turns out she faked the whole thing and was actually at the hospital giving birth to son Kaiser!

UPDATE – MTV has revealed the charade was actually more than just today and that Jenelle actually gave birth Sunday, June 29. They also report that Kaiser weighed in at 7 pounds, 1 ounce.

Nathan actually broke the news a couple of hours ago on Twitter with the photo of little Kaiser above along with the tweet, “And you thought we were at the beach… Sike!!!”

Jenelle retweeted the picture and then added a separate tweet:

She later responded to a congratulatory tweet by writing, “Thanks !! We r all so happy and excited! ❤”

The gleeful couple didn’t share much more information, though Nathan did bask a little in the success of their deception, while also talking about Kaiser’s middle name:

Judging from the hospital bracelet on Kaiser’s ankle it appears as though he was born at 1:57PM. It is assumed he was born today, but I suppose it is possible it was this weekend? (I can’t quite make out the full date on the bracelet.) (If you read the update from MTV above you know that Kaiser was actually born Sunday, June 29.)

Congratulations to Jenelle and Nathan! We will be sure to add another post as soon as we find out more info and/or get a better photo!

UPDATE – That photo may not be coming too soon because Nathan posted on Facebook: “Thanks everyone! And due to certain stipulation we will not be posting any face pictures for a while.” So I’m guessing we will all have to wait until this week’s tabloids come out. My bet is on either Us Weekly or OK.

Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith duckfaces

And just in case you missed out on the deception, here’s one of Jenelle’s tweets from this afternoon:

Well played Jenelle, well played indeed.

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