VIDEO Teen Mom 2 cast Us interview: Leah Messer talks engagement with Jeremy Calvert

Teen Mom 2 Us video Leah Messer Chelsea Houska Jenelle Evans

It’s Teen Mom 2 Tuesday everybody and three of the stars from the show are coming full force with some promotionegery courtesy of Us magazine. Leah Messer, Chelsea Houska and Jenelle Evans sat down for a little chat to talk about all things TM2 with the publication.

Among the topics discussed are Leah’s progressing romance with Jeremy Calvert, Chelsea Houska and the reasons as to why she is still drawn to baby-daddy Adam Lind and Jenelle Evans dishes about that total #delper Kieffer Delp. Here’s the clip that has our gals superimposed over a white background as if they were some kind of reality angels 🙂


Jenelle starts off this clip by suggesting to other teen moms to get on birth control right after they have their baby. Then the Carolina firecracker stated that she likes showing her son Jace how strong she can be and that she’s been dramatically turning her life around. She wants her son to be able to see her as a role model and that’s why she’s actively pursuing a degree.

Jenelle stated that she could understand where Chelsea was coming from in her love for Adam. She said she felt the same about Kieffer; that she just can’t seem to break the love connection even though she can’t really explain why.


When the girls were asked what they were currently teaching their kids Leah chimed in with potty training. Aleeah goes potty a lot and she refuses to wear diapers. Little miss independent right? Leah then made the big splash in the interview when she stated that her and boyfriend Jeremy Calvert do discuss getting engaged. She said:

“We have a really good connection. It’s different from Corey and my relationship, because we were kinda like forcing it. With Jeremy, you know when you’re supposed to be with somebody and you’re not.”

Gushing is an overused word but Leah was unquestionably gushing when she talked about Mr. Calvert.


Chelsea begins by stating that teen mothers should focus on their child more than anything. Houska was a proud mommy as she talked about how Aubree can now count to ten and knows all the sounds that the animals make.

Chelsea acknowledges that she keeps going back to Adam and she’s not really sure why. She notes the fact that he is Aubree’s daddy and that they’ve been together 3 years. There’s a comfort level there for her.

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