My 600 lb life’s Zsalynn Whitmore’s husband offers her zero support in life-saving weight loss


TLC’s My 600-lb life was back tonight with 43-year-old Zsalynn Whitmore who was fighting for her life while tipping the scales at almost 600. Her biggest hurtle to weight loss was herself and her cravings for sugar, but her snarky, large-lady-loving husband turned out to be her second biggest obstacle.

Zsalynn had built a life around living large. Although her mother had severe anxieties about Zsalynn losing weight, throughout high school she gained over 200 pounds by feeding herself because her mother didn’t have time make her meals. Soon after graduating, Zsalynn found NAAFA (The National Association to Advanced Fat Acceptance) where she was able to meet a lot of friends, including men from all over the world who love larger ladies. She lived it up for a while enjoying trips and gifts, and eventually found her husband Gareth after posting a sexy lingerie photo online.

Many spouses offer positive support when their partner attempts to make changes to better their health, but Gareth is reluctant to help from the start because he fears that he will no longer be attracted to her when she loses the weight. He scoffs at her new healthy diet. “I’m not buying you a salad, if you want to eat grass, you can go in the gardena and graze,” he tells her. After that comment their young daughter asks in frustration “Why did you have to marry him?” When Zsalynn points out that if it had not happened, she would not be there, the daughter responds with “It wasn’t worth it.” Despite her husband’s constant sarcastic comments and lack of support, Zsalynn sticks with her diet plan after her weight-loss sugary. At the end of the program, a year after her surgery, she had lost 150 pounds and was able to get around much easier.

She was still with Gareth, though. “I don’t know why Gareth is the way he is,” she notes at the end. “I think there might be a point in our marriage when I’m not able to take it anymore. I don’t know what that point is, I don’t know. But when I’m there, I’ll know.” Until then, though her main goal is being a great mother and role model for her daughter Hannah. “Life is amazing now. I’m really proud of myself. Every day is a brand new day and brings brand new, awesome, challenges.”

My 600lb Life airs Tuesday nights on TLC at 9PM (ET/PT)

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