Love & Hip Hop Season Six Spoilers: Is Tara Wallace still pregnant with Peter Gunz’s baby?

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Love & Hip Hop Season Six spoilers (and rumors) are everywhere ahead of the endless drama’s brand-new episode–titled, appropriately enough, “Fallout”–which airs tonight on VH1. It’s been a busy week on social media for the cast, in large part because of Peter Gunz’s continued claims that his Facebook account was recently hacked…and that the hacker shared a vital piece of misinformation. Fans are speculating that Tara Wallace is still pregnant with Peter’s child–and it looks like that rumor could be true.

It was only a week ago that the cast dropped a related pregnancy bombshell: namely, that Amina Buddafly went ahead with her abortion of what would have been Peter’s ninth child, following the revelation that Peter had gotten Tara Wallace pregnant. Peter cheated on Tara with Amina while he was Amina’s manager, let Love & Hip Hop producers air the affair on the show, and infamously explained why: “Sh*t was gonna blow up anyway,” Gunz said, on Sway In The Morning, “so I figured I might as well get paid.”

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Then, shortly after the Amina Buddafly abortion story broke, a cryptic post appeared on Peter’s Facebook page. It read only: “Before I go. Ima say this. I got Tara pregnant and she got an abortion too. Want to know why? Watch next week episode on LHHNY.”

According to Gunz himself, though–via a separate post on his still-verified Instagram account–that Facebook post was phony, written by someone who’d hacked his data:

It’s worth pointing out that Peter Gunz’s Facebook page has since been set to friends-only. Now, given Gunz’s claim that the Facebook post regarding Tara Wallace’s abortion was fake, observers are wondering about exactly what “bomb” Wallace will drop on her therapist Dr. Jeff’s poor, unsuspecting head in tonight’s new Love & Hip Hop installment. VH1’s most recent preview clip has been making the social media rounds over the past few days, and the cliffhanger has fans hungry for further Love & Hip Hop Season Six spoilers. Here’s the clip: Tara claims she’s still “very hurt” by the whole Peter “situation”–and Dr. Jeff goes out of his way to point out the number of times Peter has lied–both to her, and in general–in the past. And recent speculation about a possible Tara Wallace pregnancy has focused on a very recent, potentially pregnancy-based Instagram update of her own:

Love & Hip Hop Season Six’s episode “Fallout” airs tonight at 9 PM EST on VH1.  

(Photo credits: Love & Hip Hop Season Six spoilers via Instagram)

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