Kourtney sent Scott Disick home early from vacation, which in Kardashian terms is like going to Defcon 2

Kortney and Scott breakup 3

This week in Kourtney and Scott breakup rumors comes the tale of a fed up, end-of-her-rope Kardashian banishing Scott from the end of their family vacation since he’d apparently rather be out with his party boys anyway. It was only a few days ago that Kourtney seemed to be resigned to a life of waiting up late (or all weekend long) for Scott, who rented a house for the Sundance Film Festival and then filled it with women too young to drink legally at his 1OAK events.

Now, according to In Touch, the drama has been amped up another notch. Their report claims that Kourtney decided the best way for her to deal with Scott’s Sundancing ways was to kick him off the bill for a planned family vacation to Costa Rica with their three kids. Scott is “in the doghouse” with Kourtney, per the article, which goes on to mention that almost every Kardashian–even Tyga!–will be taking part. And since Scott is one of the few Kardashian affiliates who seems to enjoy interacting with Tyga, it’s clear who the real victim of Kourtney’s decision is.

Scott’s response to the report was to share the following photo on Instagram–


A photo posted by Scott Disick (@letthelordbewithyou) on

–and, to be fair to him, that could indeed be a photo he took while sitting next to Kourtney in Costa Rica. It could also be one of the many faceless Kourtney Kardashian sideboob shots he’s doubtless taken over the years, because when you’re the Lord you have a status to maintain and part of maintaining it means stashing poorly composed pictures for future social media misdirection.

(Photo credits: Kourtney and Scott breakup via Instagram)

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