Kylie and Tyga are officially on a breakup split hiatus, again, according to the Anonymous Insider Collective

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A breakup between Kylie Jenner and Tyga is as natural as fistfights between Red Sox and Yankees fans, or Californians washing their cars in a drought: it’s obscene and cringe-worthy, but it’s always going to happen, and we can’t ever look away. We’ve reported on at least seven such breakups over the past few years–I’ve honestly lost count of the number–and the most recent such report came only a few weeks ago, when it looked like Kylie was dating Meek Mill on the DL because Tyga thought he was still with Kylie and she didn’t want to hurt his feelings. (Which is honestly one of the more believable scenarios.)

So did Kylie and Tyga really split this time? It looks like the answer is honest-to-God yes, if only because “multiple sources”–and not the usual singular anonymous insider–talked to People Magazine about it. Said one insider, “They tend to take little breaks all the time and then get back together. It’s definitely possible they’ll work things out again.”

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Tyga, who keeps a dentist on retainer, apparently still doesn’t feel trustworthy to Kylie. This according to a separate source, who not long ago told People that “over and over again, she feels like she can’t trust Tyga. There have been and continues to be too many lies.” Like the time Tyga surprised Kylie with a $300,000 Bentley that was repossessed shortly thereafter. Or Kylie’s 19th birthday party last year, when she allegedly had to drop six figures to bail Tyga out of jail after he failed to appear in court in the case of yet another landlord suing him for ducking rent payments.

But, as yet another insider told People not long ago, Tyga is “Kylie’s first true love,” and “that’s not something she can walk away from entirely.” Which is the best reason yet for Kylie to go to college. Her relationship with Tyga is the kind of stagnant high school f*ck buddy pseudo-love we’ve all been caught in before (and, let’s face it, more of us have been Tygas than have been Kylies). You spend your last summer before college holding on to this vague idea of what you know love to be at the time–and then you move into your dorm, find yourself faced with an obnoxious roommate you’d rather spend as much time away from as possible, and sashay your way into the first f*ck pile your hormones can find. Humboldt State is calling you, Kylie: don’t ignore it and wind up with regrets you’ll never outrun.

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