PHOTOS Teen Mom after show host Nessa dating SF qb Colin Kaepernick

Nessa and Colin Kaepernick dating

It’s #WCW meets #MCM as Girl Code star and Teen Mom after show host Nessa is reportedly dating San Francisco 49ers quarterback, and tattooed super hottie, Colin Kaepernick!

The couple have reportedly been seeing each other on the down-low for months, but made their first public appearance together at a Valentine’s Day fundraiser event to benefit Camp Taylor, a summer camp for kids suffering from heart disease.

Camp Taylor shared a number of photos of Nessa and Colin together at the event on social media, including the one at the top of this post, as well as this next one in which Nessernick (that’s the best celebrity couple name I could come up with) can be seen clowning around for a great cause:

Colin Kaepernick dating girlfriend Nessa from MTV's Girl Code

(As fun as Nessa and Colin are in that photo, the girl with the hilarious side-eye in the lower left certainly steals the show!)

Congratulations to Colin and Nessa! It’s one of those rare occasions where we are jealous of both folks in a relationship — which I guess is good. 😉

If you’re curious to know more about Colin Kaepernick’s girlfriend Nessa (that’s so fun to write!) then be sure to check out our profile on her, which not only includes her last name, but also details on her SERIOUS hustle that has earned her every damn bit of success she has gotten in a VERY competitive industry!

And if you’re curious to know more about Camp Taylor, here is a little bit of background:


Kids Meet…
Camp Taylor offers several programs for young people and families of children with heart disease. Our flagship program is our well known medically supervised free youth and teen residential summer camp sessions. We offer 9 camp sessions catering to the under-served population of pediatric cardiology.

Scars Blend…
Sharing the emotional, mental & social challenges that each person faces in life comes naturally at camp where our campers are surrounded by youth & families with similar life experiences. Shedding your shirt at the pool to swim finally “feels good” as almost everyone has a zipper scar.

Wonders Happen!!!
Campers enjoy swimming, snorkeling, horseback riding, rock-wall climbing, skit night, archery, heart education and much more while at camp. Campers return home from camp empowered with new found self esteem freshly educated about their disease. Camaraderie and fun is the feeling of the week at camp. For many campers experiencing an environment where they actually “feel normal” is a priceless gift only found at camp.


CLICK HERE to visit the Camp Taylor website to find out more!

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