EXCLUSIVE Love During Lockup features rapper Montana Millz aka Michael Persaud

Love During Lockup rapper Montana Millz aka Michael Persaud

Yesterday we shared photos and bios of the cast of Love During Lockup Season 2 courtesy of the new preview trailer and a press release by WE tv. However, there was one couple that was not included in the press release, so we didn’t officially have names or bios for either. It seems that there may have been a pretty good reason for the omission — the convict is rapper Montana Millz!

Montana Millz’s real name is Michael Persaud and he made headlines in 2016 when he and another woman were arrested for a laundry list of drug charges after police caught Michael selling heroin and fentanyl. Numerous media outlets picked up on the story because Montana Millz was famous for songs with titles like “Sell Drugz” and “Feds Watching.”

Thanks to the song title marketing hook, Michael’s arrest even got international coverage. The Daily Mail did an article with the title: “Guess he’s not guilty of lying? Rapper behind the song Sell Drugz is arrested after ‘selling 70 bags of heroin to an undercover police officer.'”

Michael was busted as part of a sting operation in Pennsylvania after he “sold 70 bags of heroin to the officer on October 28 in the parking lot of the Days Inn at 625 Quentin Road,” WGAL reports.

A search warrant was obtained for Michael’s hotel room. “Police allege they found approximately 70 grams of bulk heroin, cutting agents, a grinder, and new packaging material within the room. This amount of heroin, uncut, would fill approximately 2,300 additional bags with an approximate street value of $11,500,” the DA’s office said.

Meanwhile, Michael was also dealing heroin and fentanyl in Rhode Island. From The Department of Justice:

During a four-month month period of time beginning in October 2016, an East Providence undercover detective arranged for several purchases of heroin and fentanyl from Persaud. In total, nearly 22 grams of fentanyl and two grams of heroin were delivered to the detective.

Montana Millz real name Michael Persaud mug shot full

How long is Michael Persaud’s prison sentence?

Michael Persaud received a three-year prison sentence for his federal convictions for trafficking heroin and fentanyl in Rhode Island. That sentence was handed down in January of 2018.

At the time of his sentencing in Rhode Island, Michael had already been convicted of 16 drug-trafficking and conspiracy charges in Pennsylvania, but he had yet to be sentenced there. Shortly after the federal sentence, the judge in Pennsylvania sentenced Michael to 96 months to 30 years in prison. That was later reduced just a bit, according to court documents from Michael’s appeal:

However, after consideration of post-sentence motions and a subsequent hearing, the trial court re-sentenced Persaud to an aggregate sentence of 84 months to 25 years in prison, as well as to pay costs and fines. Additionally, Persaud was determined to be eligible for a Recidivism Risk Reduction Incentive (RRRI) 6 minimum sentence of 63 months. The trial court imposed Persaud’s sentence consecutively to his federal convictions in Rhode Island.

You will notice that Michael’s Pennsylvania sentence was to be served consecutively and not concurrently. That means that they could not be served at the same time, so his Pennsylvania sentence would begin when his federal sentence from Rhode Island was concluded. Michael’s hefty sentence was likely influenced by his multiple prior drug convictions.

Love During Lockup Michael Persaud recent photos

Is Michael Persaud still in prison?

SPOILER ALERT! According to Pennsylvania jail records, Michael is still incarcerated at Houtzdale State Correctional Institution. There is no projected release date listed.

Michael posted a prison photo (with the blue background above) on Instagram in August of 2019. “30+ months in already and a few more to go!” he wrote. “Can’t break the kid 💪🏽😎✊🏽” I assume that was 30 months into his 36-month federal prison sentence.

We’ve got LOTS of spoilers for Justine and Michael! Just tap the link in the tweet:

Stay tuned, we will likely be sharing LOTS more info (and spoilers!) for Love During Lockup Season 2 over the next month! As a reminder, the new season premieres Friday, October 21 at 9/8c on WE tv!

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