Photos of Talsey McCullough’s fiancee’s home that he burned, she says Talsey was suicidal

Love During Lockup Talsey burns his fiancee's house down

We have another unfortunate update on Love During Lockup inmate Talsey McCullough. His fiancée, Kayla Miller, has confirmed that Talsey’s felony arson charge is due to him burning the couple’s home down. She posted a gallery of photos of the damage and added that “everything is gone.”

Kayla is still in shock trying to understand why Talsey did it. She explains that he has mental issues and “had just started going to see a psychiatrist” just prior to the fire. “He was also about to check himself into a mental hospital,” Kayla adds. “Unfortunately we just didn’t make it in time. Talsey tried to kill him self right in front of me and almost didn’t make it to the hospital.”

Kayla did not address Talsey’s first arrest on February 4 for aggravated assault (family violence). She also didn’t address her own arrest for hindering apprehension or punishment of a criminal on February 8, the same day that Talsey was booked for felony arson.

Talsey and Kayla were together for a year and a half prior to the incident. They appeared to be very happy together, and announced their engagement late last year. Just prior to Talsey recent arrests, Kayla was posting about planning for their wedding.

Here are some before-and-after photos of Kayla’s house, followed by Kayla’s Facebook post and her interaction with commenters on the post:

Love During Lockup Talsey McCullough's fiancee's house before and after the arson fire

Kayla Miller's house before Talsey McCullough burned it down

Talsey McCullough's fiancee Kayla's house after the fire

Love During Lockup Talsey arson photo

Kayla’s Caption

I still wake up in a panic. I still have trouble breathing. I’m still dealing with a nervous breakdown. I am scared for my mental health and more so scared about my future. I’ll never understand why Talsey did this to me and our beautiful home we completely remodeled. We had the absolute best of everything. Everything in our home was brand new. I gave him the best life anyone could ask for. Sadly his mental illness won. Not only did I lose my home, but I lost my soulmate. My best friend. My partner. The grieving and pain i am going through is more then I feel like I can bare. I’ve always been so tough. So independent. A boss women who got what she wanted. Now I feel scared, empty and alone. It’s even hard for me to pray right now for some reason.I just hope my love ones are praying for me.

Again if anyone can donate that would be amazing. Nothing from the home could be saved. Anything helps and I will truly be great full. Thanks in advance.

Cash app: $kaylapadgett1983

Kayla Responds To Comments

COMMENT: I don’t know what to say. I am heart broken for you. Known you for alone time. I don’t know what all happen. Don’t know what to say. Did you have insurance? Prayers!
KAYLA: No I didn’t. Everything is gone. Not one thing can be saved.

COMMENT: Sending prayers, Kayla, wait till ur brother gets hold of hhhim.
KAYLA: My brother hasn’t said one word about him and I would really like for no one else to either. I get what he did is unforgivable to almost every human on earth. However, Talsey has some mental issues we were working on getting him help for. He had just started going to see a psychiatrist. He only made it to one appointment when this happened. He was also about to check himself into a mental hospital. Unfortunately we just didn’t make it in time. Talsey tried to kill him self right in front of me and almost didn’t make it to the hospital. Yes what he did was unspeakable. In his right mind he would have never in a million years. But I forgive him and moving forward I will do my absolute best to get him the help he needs because all the signs were there and people ignored his cry for help. They forgot about him and it’s heartbreaking.

COMMENT: I respect that no matter what he put you through you are standing behind him. My advice would be to set everyone straight from Facebook to Twitter on the reality of how all this happened, especially with his mom. I fear though that no matter how this goes down Talsey will be incarcerated for a very long time and you are blessed to not have been hurt bad or killed. Love ya…
KAYLA: I will have my day to tell my whole story. Everything I am reading from the fans is completely insane and extremely hurtful. However I can’t let the thoughts and voiced opinions of desperate, none irrelevant, miserable human beings add to the stress I have on me. I feel like it one more thing happens I’ll break and I’ll no longer be around. I appreciate you respecting my decision even though I haven’t fully made my mind up yet. I do know the signs were all there on paperwork about his mental state and I also know the system failed him. Which is why I got caught picking him not. Definitely wasn’t running with him. But again I’ll let these roaches say what they need to say now. You know i got them in time.

COMMENT: I am so sorry to hear this. Talsey is my and always has been a close friend of mine. this is definitely not him. No one needs to say anything bad about him. Period!!!! Anyone who will say anything about him, don’t know him. I’ll help you in anyway possible. I wish y’all we’re closer. Tell him if you talk to him that I love him. Let me know if I can help.
KAYLA: Thank you. I need all the help I can get. I need to get this camper repaired so I have a place to stay until I figure out my next move. I will certainly let him know.

COMMENT: I’m sorry for the lost, I just wanted to drop in and say this is on YouTube and they are going over the comments and showing with screen shots and stuff… again…im sorry for the lost.
KAYLA: Gary Nash yea I know they are little roaches. I’ll have my time to tell the true story. Funny part is none of these runts would ever come face to face with me with the bullshit they’ve been talking. One thing they will find out about me is I am a natural born hustler. I’m a boss and I will get back everything and it will be twice as nice. Just heartbroken at the moment but I reclaim everything. Plus 90% of these roaches are struggling with the ugly face syndrome so I can understand why they are mad and hating on someone that just lost everything.

COMMENT: I understand, I’m only reaching out…. because I feel like he is family….I hope everything gets better…. #Prayers
KAYLA: I understand. He is loved by so many people. And for so many good reasons. Just pray for him.

At the time of this post, Talsey is still listed as being in custody after his February 8 arrest.

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