Terrible thief left Facebook logged in at home he robbed


Nicholas Wig, you’ve been Facebooked!

South St. Paul, Minnesota resident James Wood arrived at his home last week to discover that it had been ransacked while he was out. Someone had broken in and stolen his credit cards, his cash, his checkbook and watch. Randomly enough, this criminal left behind some wet tennis shoes, jeans a belt and one other very important clue…

Woods noticed that the man who’d ripped off his belongings had not only used his personal computer, but the dude had logged on to Facebook and forgot to log out before he left the scene of the crime.

Wood, who is easily my favorite random news item of the week guy, posted up on Wig’s account informing the criminal’s friends that he had robbed a house and even left his number if anyone had info. Later that day the thief, easily identified as Nicholas Wig (26), texted Wood back, according to WCCO.

Wood set up a meet at the house as he told Wig he’d give him his discarded clothing back in exchange for a recycled cell Wig had lifted. Yes – this guy actually thought the man he robbed would give him his clothes back in exchange for a phone (not the rest of the stuff he stole mind you).


Wood left a friend’s house to meet up with Wig and noticed the thief walking on the road while in route – so he contacted the police.

Both Wood and Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom summed up the situation succinctly.

Wood: “He… Aha! Pulled up his Facebook profile and left it up… World’s dumbest criminal.”

Backstrom: “I’ve never seen this before. It’s a pretty unusual case, might even make the late night television shows in terms of not being too bright.”

Heck, Wig was even wearing Wood’s stolen watch when police arrived to arrest him.

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