LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Nicolle and Tia break up… over Daonte?!

Love After Lockup Tia and Nicolle break up because of Daonte?

We have some sad romance news to report for fans of Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup. The franchise’s first bunkie marriage appears to be over as Daonte Sierra’s ex Nicolle Bradley and her wife, Tia Simmons, have reportedly split. And it was due in part to Daonte?!

As Starcasm previously reported way back in November, there were lots of indications that the former cellmates may have parted ways. In addition to the PDA-loving duo’s lack of social media posts together, Nicolle also strongly hinted that she had started a job at a local strip club.

From our previous post:

The last social media post made by Nicolle in which the two appear to still be together was a brief Instagram video posted on August 8 in which Nicolle jokes about Tia being a “pain in the ass.” Tia shared photos with Nicolle on August 17, and this one on August 13:

Since August, most of Nicolle’s posts have been in the “focusing on herself” vein. This is purely speculation, but perhaps it was Tia keeping Nicolle from returning to the adult entertainment industry? If that was the case, and the couple recently broke up, then that could certainly explain the timing of Nicolle’s new stripper gig.

According to a source that spoke with Mary from Kiki and Kibbitz, Nicolle and Tia broke up some time in October or November. It was a couple of weeks before Daonte’s new boo CeCe moved in with him, and Nicolle was reportedly at his place.

“They were hanging out on his couch, watching their old episodes together like good old buddies,” Mary says in her most recent “Word On The Street” video (embedded below). More from Mary:

He was giving her money. You know, the same old routine: Daonte giving money, hoping he’ll get some, and he didn’t get ANY. Nicolle still hasn’t given him any. He still gives up the money, but he don’t get the pffft. He’s not getting the p***y.

Unfortunately for Nicolle, Tia got payback for Daonte’s infamous wedding crashing by crashing Nicolle and Daonte’s watch party! Mary’s source says that Nicolle and Tia just had a fight and Tia tracked her down at Daonte’s crib.

“[Tia] rolled up on them and that’s pretty much the end of their relationship,” Mary reveals, “because Tia’s, like, ‘What the f**k? Of all people, you go run to him? Ultimate betrayal.”

Neither Tia nor Nicolle have confirmed the split publicly. As a matter of fact, neither Tia nor Nicolle have posted on Instagram or TikTok since November!

I was fearful that the break up might result in either Tia or Nicolle going back to their old ways in regards to legal troubles, but a quick search of recent Virginia arrests and court cases didn’t turn up anything recent for either.

We will keep an eye out for any updates from Tia or Nicolle and will be sure to update the post if there is any sort of confirmation or denial.

Here is the full video from Kiki and Kibbitz:

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