LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Daonte’s ex Nicolle is a stripper now? Did she break up with Tia?

Love After Lockup Daonte Sierra's ex Nicolle Bradley is stripping now

It seems that Love After Lockup’s Daonte Sierra may FINALLY get to see Nicolle Bradley’s boobs without having to shell out for a boob job! Nicolle revealed on Instagram this week that she is getting back into the adult entertainment business as an exotic dancer at the Mermaids strip club in Virginia Beach!

Nicolle’s announcement came in the form of a brief Instagram story video clip in which she could be seen on all fours next to a stripper pole doing some sort of twerk-adjacent twitching thing. “Come see me at @mermaidsvb2,” Nicolle captioned the clip.

Nicolle looks to have deleted the video announcement, but it was shared on reddit:

In case you missed it, Nicolle is no stranger to showing off her wares for money. Long before her appearance on Love After Lockup, Nicolle appeared in a series of adult web cam videos with fellow Love After Lockup star Lacey Whitlow (aka Kaci Kash) — including ones with a stripper pole.

Nicolle went by the name Molly and she appeared in numerous rated X video with Lacey and men in 2016 and early 2017. It was during this time that Nicolle was arrested for the larceny charges that would eventually result in her prison sentence featured on the show.

It was assumed by many show fans that Nicolle would use the exposure from being on Love After Lockup to launch an OnlyFans account, but that never happened (that I’m aware of). It appears from Nicolle’s Instagram feed that she has been working as a waitress at an Applebees-type restaurant.

Are Nicolle and Tia still together?

Happily ever afters are few and far between in the Love After Lockupiverse, but it appears that Nicolle and Tia are bucking the trend! After their surprise wedding in April of 2021, Nicolle and Tia have remained together, often updating their fans with PDA on social media. Until recently.

The last social media post made by Nicolle in which the two appear to still be together was a brief Instagram video posted on August 8 in which Nicolle jokes about Tia being a “pain in the ass.” Tia shared photos with Nicolle on August 17, and this one on August 13:

Since August, most of Nicolle’s posts have been in the “focusing on herself” vein. This is purely speculation, but perhaps it was Tia keeping Nicolle from returning to the adult entertainment industry? If that was the case, and the couple recently broke up, then that could certainly explain the timing of Nicolle’s new stripper gig.

We will keep an eye out and update on Nicolle and Tia’s relationship status as soon as they reveal one way or the other. Meanwhile, if you’re in the Virginia Beach area and are looking to have some fun throwing some bills around, be sure to pop into Mermaids and make it rain on Nicolle, Sr.!!! I bet Daonte and his new boo CeCe (aka Kathie) might be making a date night out of it soon! 😂

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