LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Violation filed against Matt Frasier after he ghosts Pretrial Services

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Troubled Love After Lockup star Matt Frasier is once again facing serious prison time as he awaits trial for two separate arrests for possession of a stolen vehicle and possession of meth. No stranger to making a bad situation worse, a violation report was filed against Matt last month after he stopped making the required weekly contact with Pretrial Services and wouldn’t answer their calls.

The violation report was filed on July 12 by a representative from Pretrial Services. The report includes both pending cases against Matt, but the meth possession charge is circled. “Matthew is currently out of custody on the above referenced matters on a total of $9,000 c/b,” the report reads. “He is under conditions of pretrial release that he report to Pretrial Services. Matthew has been directed to call this office weekly and keep his contact information current.”


As far as requirements go, that seems like a pretty easy one to comply with. But, not for Matt.

“Matthew has failed to call this office for the past 2 consecutive weeks,” the report continues. “I have attempted calling Matthew on both phone numbers he’s provided to me. I have been unable to reach him.” The report concludes with the simple summary: “Matthew is out of compliance with his PTS reporting requirements.”

A Pretrial Services violation is different than a parole or probation violation, so I am unsure if it could result in Matt surrendering his bond or facing an additional charge(s). There have been no other docket entries on either case since the violation report, so it could very well be that Matt finally decided to answer his phone or contact his Pretrial Services rep.

Matt’s cases have been continued a number of times, but they are both currently scheduled for a jury trial on the same day in September. As Matt revealed in a recent episode of WE tv’s Love After Lockup: Life Goes On, he is facing up to ten years in prison for the charges.

Matt was arrested on January 4 and charged with possession of a stolen vehicle after he was seen by police driving a stolen Acura. From the police report:

WSP Communications confirmed the vehicle stolen when I ran the VIN. There were several clearly visible shaved keys strewn about inside the vehicle. Frasier had a Honda vehicle key and a Ford Mustang vehicle key in his pocket…He stated he had “no clue” about them. The key he placed from the ignition onto the windshield during the felony stop was also for a Honda.

Matt was pulled over on May 24 for expired tags and it was discovered that Matt was driving without a license. That prompted a search by the officer, who found “a small green and clear baggie containing a white crystal substance” in Matt’s jeans pocket. The officer ran a field test on the “white crystal substance,” and it came back positive for methamphetamine. Matt was charged with meth possession.

Both times that Matt was arrested he was with a woman. It’s unclear if it was the same woman as she was not charged in either incident. Caitlin mentioned during a Life Goes On episode that Matt was living with another woman.

As mentioned above, Matt’s trial is scheduled for September. We will continue to monitor the case and will update on the outcome of the trial, or if Matt manages to get into legal trouble yet again before then.

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