RHONJ Why Joe Gorga and Joe Guidice fought at the christening

Brothers-in-law Joe Guidice and Joe Gorga got into a physical fight at a christening on the first episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 3. The day’s focus should have been Joe and Melissa’s baby Joey, but instead, it turned into a day of drama and physical assault.

Teresa Giudice had been feuding with her brother Joe Gorga and his wife Melissa for some time when the christening fight happened. There was a lot of bad blood between them over a lot of issues, both big and small (including “Sprinkle Cookies”.)

Teresa reportedly only found out that the christening was going to be taped for the reality TV show and that Melissa and Joe were cast on the show the night before. “Friend” of the show Kim DePaola has said Teresa called her the night before the christening distraught about the circumstances.

In 2021, Joe Giudice told Celebuzz that Joe Gorga “took money from his dad. The parents lost their home because of Joe Gorga and had [to] rent. He never helped his mother while she sick. He never showed up while in hospital. Melissa never went to check on the girls- she did it only when the camera was rolling.”

A big source of strive between the siblings has been over the Gorga parents. Joe Giudice claims that Giacinto and Antonia Gorga lost their house because of Joe Gorga. This seems to support online rumors that Joe Gorga put his parents’ paid-off house up for collateral for loans that he ended up defaulting on. There is no support for these rumors other than Joe Giudice’s statements.

Another big point of contention between the family members was around who spent more time with the Gorga parents. Teresa and her family spent more time with Giacinto and Antonia, especially when Joe Gorga and Teresa were fighting.

The fight broke out at the christening reception after Teresa came over to congratulate Joe and Melissa for baby Joey’s christening. Joe Gorga immediately accused Teresa of being fake for the cameras. The war of words escalated until both Joes were lunging at each other, and the party descended into mayhem as guests tried to hold them back from each other.

Sisters-in-law Teresa and Melissa have also squabbled over many petty things. Teresa has claimed that Melissa Gorga begged Andy Cohen to be cast on the show, and she got angry because Melissa used the same photographer that Teresa used to take family photos of their children. Teresa also switched personal hairstylists because Melissa started hiring the one Teresa was using.

In the infamous “Sprinkle Cookies” debacle, Teresa got back at Melissa for sending her a card congratulating her on her “redone” home by throwing her sprinkle cookies in the trash and then calling her to tell her she had trashed the cookies. Teresa had been insulted that Melissa called her house “redone” because she prided her home for being brand new.

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