Love During Lockup cast photos, premieres January 2022

Love During Lockup cast photos

WE tv announced last month that they are expanding their Love After Lockup franchise with another series titled Love During Lockup. As you can guess from the title, the new series will document prisoners in relationships who are incarcerated but not scheduled to be released any time soon.

Love During Lockup documents the fascinating drama that unfolds when ordinary people first decide to pursue relationships with prison inmates, and an early dating period filled with a very specific set of unique challenges and obstacles,” the network said in a press release. “From scouring photos online, admirers who are completely obsessed with the prisoner pursuit, to failed paramours with a first-time prison pen pal, each has a specific reason for wanting love with an inmate.”

In addition to the press release, WE tv has also been sharing humorous promotional videos promoting the new series, including this animated clip:

The videos shared by the network on social media haven’t featured actual footage or cast from the new series. But, they have been running a Love During Lockup preview trailer on TV that does! Unfortunately, the preview trailer still hasn’t made its way online. (I will update this post if it does.) That didn’t stop me from grabbing some screen shots of most all of the cast members included in the clip!

I haven’t started sleuthing out the cast members yet, so I don’t have any additional information other than what is in the trailer — which is not much at all as far as actual information goes. If you know any of the cast, or have information about the cast, feel free to contact me via email or social media using the contact info at the bottom of this post!

Here are the Love During Lockup cast members featured in the preview trailer, with some notes if applicable:

Love During Lockup Inmates

Love During Lockup prisoner 1

WE tv Love During Lockup cast prisoner 3

Love During Lockup preview convict 2

Love During Lockup inmate tattoos
I believe the large abdomen tattoo above reads “Torrance?”

Love During Lockup Non-Inmate Cast

Love During Lockup Cast member

Love During Lockup Season 1 cast
The guy above asks during his phone conversation whether or not the person he is talking to thinks he is a catfish.

UPDATE – We now have the scoop on buff potential catfish! His name is Max and he’s a model and male escort from the Washington, DC area. Click the link for the details!

WE tv Love During Lockup cast photo

Cast member from Love During Lockup

Woman from Love During Lockup

Love During Lockup Cast member photo

I will wrap this up with the last two paragraphs from the WE tv press release announcing Love During Lockup:

“Love During Lockup” follows even more riveting firsts through the early stages of love, with plenty of romance, suspicion, and investigation, all long before a scheduled prison release. Every non-con has a unique strategy for finding love behind bars – whether they only seek drug offenders who are believed to be nonviolent, or a prison bae pushing a wrongful conviction. Other lonely civilians are simply on the hunt for their very own ‘hot felon,’ with the model mugshot to prove it. Voracious viewers of the franchise are in for more drama, more mystery, scams, catfishing, and more crazy reveals than ever before.

“The ‘Love After Lockup’ and ‘Life After Lockup’ franchise has been a tremendous success for WE tv and transformed our Friday night as viewers have taken a personal stake in our couples, following their stories every week,” said Lauren Gellert, executive vice president of development and original programming for WE tv. “We’ve seen what happens once our non-cons and cons unite after prison release and as they embark on their relationship in ‘Love,’ and we’ve probed the rare successful pairing that endures in ‘Life,” but now with this third series we will all be able to watch these relationships begin, and this early dating period set against the backdrop of the very specific challenges and obstacles that prison presents.”

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