LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Andrea and gal pal AJ were co-stars on Stage Moms of LA

Love After Lockup Andrea's friend AJ on Stage Moms of LA

Love After Lockup is a reality series featuring people engaged to prisoners, so obviously there was probably going to be some controversial characters included on the show. Surprisingly, the most controversial character of all was neither a convict or engaged to a convict, it was Andrea’s Mormon gal pal AJ. And this isn’t the first time Andrea and AJ have shared the small screen together, as they were also co-stars on the reality series Stage Moms of LA!

We were the first to report that Andrea appeared on Stage Moms of LA, but I completely missed the fact that AJ was also featured. (I did that post well before the premiere, so I’m not kicking myself too much.) Andrea appeared with her daughter Nyla, and AJ was there with her daughter Ava. Here’s the bio for AJ and Ava from the show’s website:

Ann Jeanette (AKA AJ) is the mother of 5 amazing and beautiful children, Ava being her carbon copy. AJ, being a cosmetologist and loving to make things beautiful and creating also loves being the center of attention and making people laugh. While helping her eight-year-old daughter Ava with her acting career AJ realized besides being a wonderful wife and mother, she was missing her other calling in life, acting! Ava, getting to spend one-on-one time with mom, said, “Yes! Let’s be amazing together!”

AJ’s crusade now is to make the world a better place by having people know who she and Ava are and what they can do, which is entertain, and to let their LDS Christian values help guide and direct her and Ava throughout the entertainment industry, being a voice and an example of wholesome entertainment . Just vote for AJ & Ava and your life will be AWESOME -you will laugh a lot more and never be bored again!!

And here is an introductory clip for AJ and Ava:

In the clip, AJ reveals her full name, but adds that if she were to become famous she would change it to “something like Trouble Williams.”

She then responds to the question posed to all the cast members: Why are AJ and Ava ready for Los Angeles? “So let me tell ya, because L.A. — it’s the same ol, same ol. We’re different. We’re awesome! We’re Mormon, which is so cool! And, you know, did I say we’re cute? And there’s too many ugly people out there. We need to be, you know, try to show the world how beautiful people can be happy, and it’s just all about, you know, not that.”

Love After Lockup AJ Stage Moms of LA quote

Good ol AJ!

In case you missed it, AJ first made waves when she hosted a party attended by Andrea and Andrea revealed to everyone that she was dating a convict. (I should point out that Andrea was dating a convict while filming Stage Moms of LA, so I doubt it was really a surprise for AJ the second time around.) Anyways, AJ said a few awkward things, but it was this quote that caused the most eyebrows to be raised and damn heads to be shooketh:

Love After Lockup Andrea's friend AJ black friend quote

AJ made her triumphant return during the season finale as she played the part of a Mormon flapper bridesmaid during Andrea’s wedding ceremony in California. Here she is talking about whether or not she had seen Andrea’s fiance Lamar yet:

Love After Lockup Andrea friend AJ quote about black men

Later — as in WAAAAAAAY later because Andrea was four hours late getting ready, due mostly to the fact that her blinged out plastic shoes were late arriving — AJ revealed her concerns over what her husband might be thinking in regards to the Andrea wedding experience. “I went up there. [Andrea’s] not dressed” AJ says, worried. “I don’t know if my husband’s ever going to trust me again — to bring him to a black wedding with a certain kind of crowd that seems to kind of drum at their own speed.” Forget the wedding, I’m thinking that AJ’s husband may not trust AJ to be on another reality show again!

When she’s not saying awkward things alongside Andrea in a reality show of some kind, AJ is apparently a cosmetologist. Her Stage Moms of LA bio reveals that she is the mother of five children — all of which I am guessing are pretty upset with their mom right now.

Oh, and AJ also has her own listing as an extra with Stars Talent Studio. Controversy for hire y’all!

Although it has been announced that Love After Lockup will be returning for an expanded second season, that will most likely be an entirely new cast of romantic hopefuls. It’s unknown if WE tv (and production company Sharp Entertainment) have any sort of spin-off planned for the Season 1 cast, as Sharp did with their other popular romance reality series 90 Day Fiance.

It seems like a no brainer to me, as three of the Season 1 cast members are still dating someone behind bars (including Alla, after she returned to prison), so fans have still yet to see the “After” part of Love After Lockup with those couples. That leaves Mary and Andrea as cast members who actually made it down the aisle, and Johnna and Garrett as the only bona fide single people. Doing a Love After Love After Lockup with the entire Season 1 cast sure seems like a great follow-up series to me!

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