LIFE AFTER LOCKUP Lindsey’s friend TC is back in jail, bond set at $45k

Life After Lockup Lindsey Downs friend TC arrested again

On the season premiere of Life After Lockup, Lindsey Downs was fresh out of prison again and headed to a job interview when she got a call from a friend with some bad news.

“We just got pulled over and they arrested TC,” Lindsey’s friend can be heard saying on the phone.

“TC is a friend I have known literally since I was in diapers,” Lindsey explains to the camera. “He tries real hard,” she later adds, “he’s real messed up on drugs right now. He’s real out there sideways. And people giving up on people when they’re like that isn’t going to help them.”

The person on the phone reveals that TC is currently being held on $789 bond, which Lindsey confirms is a cash bond. (I assume that means it would be $789 out of pocket and the actual bond amount is higher? I believe you usually have to pay ten percent in cash?)

Surprisingly, $789 cash is not a problem for Lindsey. She whips out a small stack of one hundred dollar bills “left over from [her] drug dealing days.” She explains that she doesn’t “do bank accounts” so her friend Blaine has been holding on to her cash while she was in prison.

Making matters more complicated is the fact that Lindsey has warrants out for her arrest stemming from the additional felony charges she picked up thanks to her ex, Scott Bradshaw. (Lindsey explained those charges, and the fact that they are still pending, in Part 1 of our interview with her last year.) Blaine can’t post the bond either because he has “unpaid fines.”

After several fruitless calls trying to round someone up who is available to take Lindsey’s cash and post the bond before five o’clock, she insists on doing it herself. Blaine is reluctant, but eventually gives in. The two drive off and that’s the end of Lindsey’s segments from the premiere.

TC Arrested Again

I assume that Lindsey was able to bond TC out, but his freedom didn’t last. I spoke with a Tippah County Jail rep who confirms that TC is currently back in jail after being booked on July 26. The rep was unable to tell me the charge(s) against TC, but I was informed that he is being held on multiple bonds as well as a hold from another agency.

There is a thousand dollar bond, which is no big deal. But, there is also a $45,000 bond! I’m guessing the high amount is the reason that TC is still behind bars after a full week, but it could also be that the hold is also preventing his release.

We will continue to try to get more information and will update if we do.

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