MY BIG FAT FAB LIFE Lennie Alehat launches online store with art, clothes, more

Whitney Thore's ex-boyfriend MBFFL Lennie Alehat online store with paintings, prints and clothes Magic Science Land

Whitney Thore’s ex-boyfriend Lennie Alehat made his triumphant return to My Big Fat Fabulous Life this season, and he’s taking full advantage of being back in the spotlight. The chin-broomed painter has launched an online store with his original artwork, prints, and fashion items!

Lennie’s online store can be found at From there, you can navigate through the different products available via categories like Original Art, Art Prints, and wearables that include Active Wear, Kicks (aka shoes), Tops, Bottoms, and Plus-Sized. Stangely, Whitney is not a model for any of the wearables.

If you’re curious about pricing and don’t want to leave this wonderful website just yet, the original art currently available on the site ranges in price from $125 to $850. Most all of the clothing items (not counting the kicks) range in price from $35 to $60. The one article of clothing outside that range is the “All-Over Print Men’s Hockey Jersey” for $68.76. Shoes with Lennie prints are either $67.95 or $70.00.

Photo prints of the four original paintings used for all of the wearable designs currently in the shop are available for prices ranging from $29 for an 8-inch by 10-inch print to $42 for a 24-inch by 32-inch print.

Lennie also offers custom paintings priced by size, ranging from $85 for a 5-inch by 7-inch painting to $432 for an 18-inch by 24-inch painting. Here’s the full custom painting price list, which includes how to calculate prices for even larger pieces:

Whitney Thore's ex-boyfriend Lennie Alehat painting prices

It’s unclear if Lennie offers the “Full Whitney” package in which you can pose for him in person — nude or draped in a sheet. Speaking of the Full Whitney, it’s unfortunate that none of the items in his shop feature his famous portrait of Whitney:

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Lennie's painting of Whitney Thore

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