The Kylie Jenner surrogacy rumors now involve Khloe Kardashian as well

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So it’s been kind of a busy week for the uteruses of the Kardashian family. Last Friday, Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy by rapper Travis Scott (probably) became public knowledge. Two days ago, we found out about Khloe Kardashian’s pregnancy by Cleveland Cavalier Tristan Thompson. And now, thanks to the magic of Kylie Jenner surrogacy rumors, the big discussion is whether Kylie is actually shilling for big half-sister Khloe or bigger half-sister Kim.

Though a whole bunch of us were definitely thinking it, the first of the Kylie Jenner surrogacy rumors went viral with this tweet about an hour after the story of her pregnancy broke. Since then, investigations and hot takes have abounded; as we reported yesterday, they pretty much all hinge on the fact that no one seems to know for sure when Kylie is expected to give birth. Given one of the most popular timelines, it’s possible that she’ll deliver in mid-January, which lines up with when Kim’s surrogate is supposedly due.

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It’s a fun theory, though it’s also been shot down by some of the big names in rumordom–most notably Gossip Cop, who called the idea “ridiculous” and stated definitely that Kylie is “100 percent NOT [Kim] Kardashian’s surrogate”; the real one is “a college-educated woman in her twenties.” So, naturally, the Kylie Jenner surrogacy rumors have simply shifted over to Khloe.

The alleged evidence in favor of these rumors begins at the same place: Kylie and Khloe are both, as of the latest reports, supposedly due at the same time: around mid-February. (Don’t try to wrap your head over the Inception-esque discrepancies in due dates; as is often the case with the Kardashians, the “truth” depends on which insider’s quotes you’re reading.)

Furthermore, as Refinery29 pointed out, Khloe has for years addressed what she refers to as her “fertility issues.” Five years ago, she claimed her “hormones [were] off” and were partly the reason she wasn’t having a baby with Lamar Odom; during the 13th season KUWTK finale this past June, Khloe claimed she’d been lying about past pregnancy issues because she “wasn’t [in] the right situation to bring a child into.”

In the same issue, though, the brief scare Khloe received when her fertility doctor told her she had “fewer follicles” than a “normal 32-year-old” turned out to be false. So it would seem that the impetus behind the latest mutation in Kylie Jenner surrogacy rumors is either people who didn’t catch that particular episode, or folks who simply assume that a 20-year-old uterus is more agile than a 33-year-old one. Or Inception fans. In any case, don’t expect gossip about the three Kardashian babies to slow down or get any less silly until all of them are born.

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