REPORT Kathryn Dennis will not be returning for season 4 of Southern Charm

Kathryn Dennis Southern Charm

After three seasons on Bravo’s Southern Charm, Kathryn Dennis is leaving the show. Yesterday, Kathryn took to social media to share the news. She tweeted out two messages — both of which have since been deleted.

“Was excited to show the new me on #SouthernCharm but they aren’t interested. I want to thank my fans for EVERYTHING and wish #SC4 luck!.”

“It’s time for me to focus on my kids and myself. This was the best decision for us! No hard feelings. Good luck y’all!”

Kathryn Dennis Leaves Southern Charm

Immediately, speculation over Kathryn’s departure began. Was she fired? Did she leave of her own accord? And, most importantly, can Southern Charm can go on without her?!

Southern Charm revolves around Kathryn and her on-again/off-again relationship with former politician Thomas Ravenel: love her or hate her, Kathryn is the focal point of the whole show. And, together, she and Thomas share two children.

Thomas and Kathryns Kids

Their relationship has provided endless hours of drama which, until now, kept viewers tuning in week after week. At the end of season three, however, serious allegations of drug abuse surfaced, leading to a stint in rehab for Dennis.

In a further blow to the show, Kathryn’s on-screen bestie and fellow ginger Cooper Ray announced that she is also leaving the show.

Cooper and Kathryn Southern Charm

Rumor has it that filming on season four began last month, which makes the timing of Kathryn’s announcement that much more questionable.

No word from Bravo or executive producer Whitney Suder-Smith on the cast change-up.

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