Kylie Jenner FOUND Kim Kardashian’s lost $75k diamond earrings in Bora Bora

KUWTK iconic scene

It’s one of the most memorable scenes from Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

In 2011, Kim Kardashian is swimming in Bora Bora when she notices that the $75,000 earrings she was wearing are no longer in her ears.

When the KUWTK star turns hysterical, sister Kourtney Kardashian iconically exclaims “There’s people that are dying, Kim!”

It’s the stuff of reality television gold.

Meaningful, expensive earrings

Kim explained years later to People Magazine why the earrings caused such a reaction:

For years for my birthday, I buy myself a birthday present, and I had upgraded that pair of diamond studs. Worked really hard […] I had just gotten them, and I didn’t insure them, and imagine if you don’t insure something and it’s gone, I just threw that money [away].

Actually, this topic is still so relevant, it also came up on E!:

It turns out that there’s a side to this story we never heard on television. Kylie Jenner claims that SHE found the infamous earrings shortly after sister Kim lost them.

Kylie Jenner to the rescue

WAS on Instagram posted this video and titled it “the closure we all needed ✨”

On record, the billionaire Kylie Cosmetics mogul tells the story about how SHE was the one who immediately dove down to find Kim’s earrings:

It hurt to open my eyes, but I just opened my eyes and looked around and I saw something shining. Swam all the way down there, it was like, 10 feet, picked it up and it was the shining diamond.

Next, Jenner blows our mind when she explains how quickly the earrings were located.

I literally found it in two minutes. […] went back down, I found the backing. I found the earring backing!

Shocking KUWTK update

This story is shocking to fans because the conclusion of what happened with these expensive earrings was never really explained.

When you watch the scene over, Kylie Jenner’s story seems pretty credible… the youngest of the KUWTK clan was right there the entire time.

Kylie Jenner watches on as Kim Kardashian cries over expensive earrings.

Looks like the case has been closed on the $75k missing diamond earrings. Now if only we could only find Rob Kardashian

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