Is this Kim Kardashian’s body?

There’s a photo leaked of the back of a hot lady with an ample behind and a super-tiny waist enjoying a little room service that Twitter mostly thinks is of Kim Kardashian.

It’s not.

This curvy vixen is porn star Amia Miley. She apparently tweeted the photo last year, and points out the back piercings (called dermal perforations, circled above) as proof it’s not Kim (Kim doesn’t have back piercings.) Amia tweeted: “im not going 2 argue about whether that pic is me or not.. want proof? look at the back dimple piercings. kim k doesn’t have those.”

UPDATE: The reason people THOUGHT it was Kim is because Kanye put up the photo, and then quickly took it down. Maybe he found it on the internet, and mistakenly thought it was his girl.
If you think you’ve seen her before (and not in porn) Amia dated The Situation’s friend The Unit. Not sure if they’re still together, but as of this January and February, they were seen out a lot together. No question, The Unit was/is a lucky dude.

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