Kris Jenner denies selling out her family for money, paying Corey Gamble to date her

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Among the more recent Kris Jenner rumors are one that’s new to the Momager’s ears, and one that she’s been hearing for a long time. In a new and high-profile interview Kris addressed the question of whether she feels she sold the Kardashian family’s soul for riches and reality TV fame. At the same time, a separate dispatch raised the notion that Kris Jenner is with current boyfriend Corey Gamble only because she’s paying him to stay.

The first of the two Kris Jenner rumors is related to recent questions of Kris’ personal net worth, which some analysts speculate could be as high as nine figures. However, it’s difficult to distinguish Kris Jenner’s own fortune from the vast seas of money churned up by Keeping Up With The Kardashians and the related Kardashian family empire, which Kris allegedly controls down to the last detail.

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Kris herself addressed this particular Kris Jenner rumor in a new interview with Harper’s Bazaar, in which she was asked whether she felt she’d sacrificed anything by shepherding her family toward reality TV megastardom.

The question is presented as follows: “When I ask Kris about the biggest slam against her, that she sold out her family for fame, she removes her Céline reading glasses and stares straight into my eyes.”

And Kris’ answer?


Nooooo. I made and created a show that my family was all on board with, and we were so excited because we got to work together….I think there’s definitely an attitude when a woman accomplishes anything. But I also think people are very jealous. Or are bitter and angry about their own lives. So maybe they don’t have anything else to do but be nasty and criticize someone else. That sounds like a simple answer, but I don’t think it’s much deeper than that. And there are so many millions of people who are great to us that I can’t worry about some idiot in Oklahoma. You just have to have a thick skin and say, ‘That poor person, I feel sorry for you.’


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At the same time, Kris Jenner rumors related to the relationship between herself and boyfriend Corey Gamble, 35, have likewise swirled for weeks. At least two January missives claimed that the pair was in trouble; the latter of those further suggested that Kris Jenner, 60, had gained literally dozens of pounds since last summer, in large part to a reported copious daily alcohol intake.

A newer Hollywood Gossip story might have the answer: the article posits that Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble are as tight as they are because Kris has Corey on the payroll for that specific purpose. How did the arrangement come about? According to the insider quoted in the article, “Once Bruce Jenner began his transformation into Caitlyn and was getting so much attention, it was particularly humiliating for Kris. She handpicked Corey so she wouldn’t look lonely.” And, HG adds, because Kris might have wanted to “one-up” her husband, as Bruce made his transition into Caitlyn.

That report would jive with a semi-exposé from a few weeks ago, one that detailed the alleged KUWTK arrangement between Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble. According to those Kris Jenner rumors–which may or may not hold true today–Corey is engaged in detailed contract negotiations with Kris for his increasing role on the family’s show, and won’t pop the question until his new and improved pay schedule is in place.


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