Khloe & Tristan talking marriage again; TV wedding remains a possibility

Khloe and Tristan getting married 2

Now that her marriage to Lamar Odom is officially dissolved, rumors have shifted toward Khloe & Tristan getting married. According to new reports, Khloe has all but decided that Tristan, 25, is the man for her, and has the Kardashian family blessing to go ahead with a lifetime commitment whenever she’s ready.

Us Weekly revealed that Khloe and Tristan “have talked marriage,” and implied that it’s been a frequent subject since Khloe set off rumors late last year by flashing a new diamond ring Tristan had bought her. Us quoted an unusual three insiders for their story; while all three maintained the usual insiders’ anonymity, they also corroborated each others’ stories, lending an unusual air of possible credence to the rumors.

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“[Khloe would] be happy about an engagement,” said one of the three, suggesting that the 32-year-old social media star is only waiting to be asked. And the third source offered even more detail: “Tristan is unbelievably good to her. Khloé didn’t think she was ever going to have [that connection] again after Lamar,” the source explained. And apparently Khloe’s whole family, from momager Kris Jenner on down, is totally on board with the pair, whose five-month courtship has so far been drama-free: “The family loves Tristan and wants to see this work.”

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Khloe did acknowledge that she’s in love with Tristan during an appearance on Extra last month. When asked if Tristan is “the one,” Khloe had this to say: “I mean, I am in love with him. I think he’s, like, the best. So, I think so. Only time will tell….I think that’s why we are in relationships-to find the one.”

On a related note, Khloe recently celebrated dropping the “Odom” from her legal name, which may suggest that she’s not in a huge rush to tack up anyone else’s in its place–whether “Thompson” or not:

(Photo credits: Khloe & Tristan getting married via Instagram)

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