Lamar Odom’s dad says Khloe Kardashian is pregnant?

UPDATE: On Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, Khloe Kardashian took a sip of her champagne when asked if she was pregnant and said, “no, I’m not.”

Rumor Fix spoke to Lamar Odom’s dad Joe Odom, who broke the news that Khloe Kardashian is expecting her first child with her hubby Lam-Lam.

“I got a little news. I’m about ready to have a grandchild!

“I know he’s excited. They’ve been trying to do this for a couple of years. We’re all excited.

“Ain’t nothing but a newborn thoroughbred,” he told us. “This is all lamb chop baby!”

Khloe’s rep denies it, but we’re suspecting this is true because it came straight from grand-dad’s mouth! Khloe’s probably trying to keep it secret so she could sell the story and baby bump photos a la Snooki, but the cat’s out of the bag now!

Congrats to Khloe and Lamar if this is true. They’re our favorite Kardashians, and they’ve been trying to have kids since their quickie wedding in 2009. It’s also cool because Khloe’s older sis Kourtney is also expecting a baby. The cousins can grow up together!

Radar Online says multiple sources told them that she’s not pregnant, and that Joe lied. US Weekly also has an anonymous source telling them she’s not pregnant. What’s weird is that neither Khloe or Lamar are going on record saying that they’re not pregnant, which still leaves this open to being true. Whether or not it’s true, Joe’s probably gonna be in hot water with his son over this!

Photo: Khloe’s Twitter @KhloeKardashian