BEFORE & AFTER Jersey Shore’s Ronnie Magro says he ‘let himself go’

Ronnie Magro Jersey Shore Shirtless

Jersey Shore‘s Ronnie Magro admits he neglected the “G” in GTL after he was sidelined by an illness last year.

He posted on Thursday, “I really let myself go after I got sick last year. It’s been a long road. I am nowhere I want to be shape wise, but i feel better than i ever did. #DietingIsKEY #CardioSavedMyGoodYearTire #TransformationThursday #letTheAbuseBegin #WowYouGotFatAsFk #AllThatDrinkingAtTheShore #DoIneedToLookLikeICarryLugguageForALiving #ItFeelsGoodToWipeMyOwnA**”

He started turning his habits around four weeks ago and it already looks like he’s teleported back to his Jersey Shore prime in 2010. (That chest wax doesn’t hurt either!)

Jersey Shore Ronnie Magro Before and After

Now, I’d be a bit skeptical if he was using the speedy body transformation to hawk some weight loss product… But attributing it to good ol’ diet and exercise? ‘Atta boy and way to go!

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