Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith feud over Kaiser abuse claims

Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith's Twitter fight over Kaiser abuse claims

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and fiance David Eason are enjoying their new house, newborn baby daughter, and planning for their September wedding — but thanks to Jenelle’s ex Nathan Griffith, their trip to happily ever after is hitting a few speed bumps.

The most recent public spat between exes was apparently sparked by Jenelle calling Nathan’s mother. “Jenelle called my mom at 630 saying she’s calling cps saying we beat [Kaiser],” Nathan tweeted. That really set Nathan off, and he went on a tweeting spree that included claims that Kaiser has “finger like marks on [his] back” and is often sick after being with Jenelle and David, that Kaiser fell off a boat recently while with Jenelle and David, and that Kaiser is “petrified when you mention David name.” (Jenelle later states that she called Nathan’s mom because she was concerned that Nathan spanking Kaiser, which is something she does not approve of.)

As is often the case with tweet ‘n’ delete interactions, it’s kind of hard to piece together a completely accurate timeline. But, as is often the case, I have done my best to reconstruct the “conversation” for you here. (Some of the text is in jpg format because I spend an embarrassing amount of time on these sorts of recaps only to have them copied and pasted elsewhere without credit.)

I use the full name the first time I quote someone, then I use just the first initial after. But, just in case you need a key:

N = Nathan
J = Jenelle
A = Ashley (Nathan’s girlfriend)
T = Another Twitter user

NATHAN: It’s pretty pathetic that you are going through so many length to still try to keep me away from sonjenelle.

Nathan Giriffith Jenelle Evans Kaiser abuse tweets

TWEETER: maybe get CPS involved? Nothing will change unless you step up. Someone has to be the voice for that innocent little boy

N: Not when the girl twists everything you do right and she does wrong and flips it around!

T: omg did you take pictures??

N: YES! every time I get him!

N: Just Sunday she flipped out on me because no one didn’t answer their phone for ten minutes. Saying I had Kaiser and I was lying that I was with just my daughter and Kaiser was at church and demanded him back.

Nathan posted a series of screen capped text messages between himself and Jenelle. Click the thumbnail to enlarge the full conversation:

Jenelle Nathan texts - click to enlarge

N: Every time we take him home and he kicks and screams that he doesn’t want to go home! I’m done with your crap! The only reason I’m ranting is because jenelle has destroyed me by her lies and I have protected her to a certain extent!

JENELLE: He doesn’t want to get me started. He’s posting what he wants u to see. There’s a lot more that no one knows but im not violating my order.

N: I forgot to add. [My girlfriend Ashley] even apologize to jenelle trying to solve everything (even though I told her it wasn’t going to work) and apologize for any rudeness and of course jenelle through it back in [Ashley]’s face!

ASHLEY: I was trying my best to not add to the drama. Kai is the most important person in all of this. And she was not receptive.

T: That’s because she can’t get past the fact you’re with Nathan. No matter what she will never get past that. It’s really sad.

A: Now I see why Nathan is the way he is, dealing with this chaos every week.

J: She can apologize to DAVID, and in person not by text or phone. #Patheic

Nathan Giriffith deleted Jenelle Evans tweets 2

N: Remember when I said I would love to talk about structure, disciplinary actions and other parenting thoughts and opinions but you refuse ?

T [to Jenelle]: I’m more terrified of his grammar than what a threat he is to you. Dude can’t put together a sentence that makes sense to save his life.

J: He hasn’t had his mental health checked in years. Off his meds and refuses his daily counseling sessions with the VA. ☹️

T: Good for you don’t scoop to his level , cause that’s what he wants is a reaction from you

J: Yeah I know what I texted him… I was being a concerned mom and when a mom asks you don’t say “idk maybe he’s with my mom” ??? stay calm?!

T: You two just need to co-parent better. That lil boy is the one who hurts in the long run

J: I co-parent with Nathan’s mother. There’s a lot about Nathan’s history with kids people don’t know. He has supervised visits for a reason

T: That’s when u need to be the bigger adult and call his mom personally if he only wants to play games.

J: Oh we have been texting for two days now and that’s why nathan is posting shit lol he’s all butt hurt

T: I’m not trying to be a b* but why did you choose him as the father of your child knowing that??

J: Oh yeah cuz I knew everything as soon as I met him ? more like ask his ex wife why she allows unsupervised visits if she knows as well. ?

J [to Nathan]: You just admitted to abusing children in this video….

T: Will David also be apologizing for being the ass he always is?

J: When was David EVER mean or rude to Nathan’s new side piece?! Nope.

T: Poisen is what u are!!

J: Poison ***

T: isn’t it yours son’s birthday?! Get off Twitter and be a mom.

J: He’s at school….

T: In the middle of the summer!? ??

J: Yeah… he goes to a year round charter school.

T: @GroundLevelUp you need to read this: “It is possible to form an amicable relationship with your ex as co-parents. #Parenting”

N: That’s a very great article. And honestly anyone close to me knows I have try, but it’s lies on top of lies. I don’t know what else to do. I can be doing everything right, jump through any hoop and she calls or texts me every other day screaming or accusing me of something false

T: Nathan,seriously,if you love your son,stop. He will see this when he gets older. It’s out there. You’ve been bashing her all day.

N: I haven’t been bashing her and I hope my son does! I have wanted nothing but the best for jenelle and Davids relationship for kaiser’s sake. She has constantly tried to destroy me and keep me away from my child, so has that so call father figure David. My son will see this and he will see how daddy tried and mommy just didn’t like daddy. So, Their not putting my son’s interest first.

T: Why is David even in involved? #unsolvedmystery

N: Only God knows. My gf even tried to explain that to jenelle that Kaiser needs to be surrounded w/ love like Emery, and parent by HIS parents

N: David won’t keep his two cents to himself!

Jenelle later spoke with Radar Online about Nathan’s tweets and the abuse allegations:

“Nathan is upset because I simply asked him and his mother if Kaiser has been spanked this past weekend,” she wrote. “Nathan claimed no, but then claimed, ‘I’ll spank him if and when I want cause I’m his father.”

She continued that she is “highly against” physical punishment and that she will be speaking to her lawyer.

Nathan tweeted a link to the Radar article and wrote “@radar_online we all know Alexis or Lauren writes for jenelle one of the two but you’re more than welcome to cal me.” He then shared the North Carolina statutes for child abuse, which do allow for spanking, and captioned them with: “Like I said I would and could if I wanted to. Never said I did do it.”

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