You can be Jenelle Eason’s bestie for $900 a year via new Jenelle’s World website

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Are you tired of getting accurate news about former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason as it happens from reliable sources like The Ashley’s Reality Roundup? Have you always wanted to be Jenelle’s bestie without having to actually visit The Land or be near Jenelle? Is Googling events from Jenelle’s past too difficult and you wish there was some way you could just spend a lot of money and have someone gather together old Jenelle interviews and photo shoots for you? Your prayers have been answered as Jenelle just announced she has launched her new subscription website Jenelle’s World!

“LETS GOOOO!” Jenelle begins the description for her Jenelle’s World announcement. “Ever wanted to connect with me on a personal level?! Want to see what I’m REALLY up to these days? I just launched my new site Jenelle’s World! Sign up for exclusive EVERYTHING! Get rid of the haters and only want to hear from my true fans! See ya there! 🥰🎉”

Here’s Jenelle’s announcement video followed by a transcript:

Hello everybody! All my fans, I know you guys have been tuning in to Teen Mom since I was little, and you want to know what I’m up to now. Well, here’s your chance. I’ve got some exciting news to share with you! I missed you guys so much, and I missed sharing my story with everyone. So, I figured this would be a great way to connect with all of you.

I know you guys have been asking lately: “What are your projects? Do you have any news? Are you gonna tell us anything?” I am now launching Jenelle’s World!

You guys can have exclusive content to just me! Live sessions one on one, podcast, pictures, we’ll do exclusive videos from my weekend with the kids! is live right now! There’s gonna be TONS of content about my new upcoming projects, and I’m only going to post it to Jenelle’s World. So check out in the description, or check out the link below — copy and paste it — and you guys can have access to everything! I’ll see you there!

Those following Jenelle’s instructions by copying and pasting the link are met with the following message from Jenelle on the website:

Welcome to ALL THINGS Jenelle Evans! Here I share with you, my closest friends and community all of the things that matter! Only here with my crew will you have access to NEW Behind the Scenes & NEVER before seen footage, Exclusive Photos, and more! This is where I share a First-Hand glimpse & Updates into my Personal Life with the people that matter..You ❤️

On the home page, visitors get a glimpse of the content available to paying subscribers in the form of categorized photos and videos. Here are the different categories with some examples of the video and photo titles:

David & Jenelle Exclusives
“Feeling Like A Princess” (Photo)
“Love My Aviator’s Watch Out Tom Cruise!” (Photo)
“We’re cozy but also like a good cuddle :)” (Photo)

Behind The Scenes Working
Category is further split into Filming, Red Carpet/Events, and In The Press

Exclusive Videos
Category is further split into Life At Home, Private TikToks, Random, and Traveling

“Camping With David” (Traveling Video)
“Using a lighter as a bottle opener!” (Private TikToks Video)
“OMG Look at that Tree!!!” (Traveling Video)

Family Exclusives with the Kids
“Snakes in our pool 🐍” (Video)
“Kaiser Found A Snake” (Photo)

Just Jenelle: Selfies
“Body Shaming” (Photo)
“Late Night Thoughts” (Photo)
“Fierce” (Photo)

Wedding Exclusives
“Wedding Day: Body Jewerly” [sic] (Photo)

I’m sure all of you have your credit cards and checkbooks out and ready at this point, so let’s take a look at the subscriptions that are currently available.

There are three subscription tiers that are described as Friends Status, Patron Status, and Besties Status. All of the descriptions are listed as “limited time offerings” and all of them are discounted from the “original pricing.” Unfortunately, the discount goes down the more you pay.

Here are all of the subscription packages and a list of what you get with each:

Starting at $5/month (50% off the original pricing)

Monthly Giveaways
Exclusive Videos
Exclusive Pictures
Exclusive Behind the Scenes

Starting at $15/month (40% off the original pricing)

All the benefits of “Friends Status” plus:

Monthly Giveaways
Private Group LIVE
15% Discount on Merchandise
Access to Podcast
Read Exclusive Blog
A Real Birthday Card delivered for your Birthday!

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans Jenelle's World Bestie Status

Starting at $75/month (25% off the original pricing)

All the benefits of “Friends & Patron Status” plus:

20% Discount on Merchandise
Exclusive 1 on 1 Private Monthly Session
First Look at Upcoming Projects/Events
Personal Shout Outs in the Private Group LIVES

PDF version of My Book Read between the Lines: From the Diary of a Teenage Mom

Anyone else surprised that the JE Cosmetics eyebrow kit is not included when you become a Bestie?

I’m just now realizing why Tori Rhyne seems to be Jenelle’s bestie one month, and then the two aren’t talking the following month — Tori must have had to cancel her subscription now and then.

There is no word yet if the Easons plan on expanding their online subscription empire to include (I give the hatters about 45 seconds before someone else snatches up that domain.)

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