New photos of Jo and Vee’s daughter Velisse, a.k.a. Vivi

Teen Mom 2 Vetzabe Vee Torres baby daughter Velisse photo

It was exactly one week ago that Teen Mom 2 stars Jo Rivera and Vetzabe “Vee” Torres welcomed their daughter, Velisse “Vivi” Rivera. The next day, proud pop Jo shared a photo holding Vivi, but a large part of her face was obscured by a blanket. Now we have two additional photos, one of Vivi’s full face (below), and another with mom Vee giving her daughter a kiss (above)!

Teen Mom 2 Jo Rivera and Vee daughter Velisse Vivi

We haven’t got much in the way of words from the new parents, but a picture is worth a thousand words, right? And I think these two photos are worth way more than that!

Things have also been quiet (at least publicly) from Jo’s ex, Kailyn Lowry. However, she did tweet a link to an Instagram photo the day after Vivi was born and wrote, “Baby girl ??” Unfortunately, the photo was immediately deleted and we’ve been unable to determine what it was. (We assume it had to have something to do with Vivi’s birth.)

Congratulations again to Jo and Vee on their first child! And we want to remind fans that these two have been together longer than any other Teen Mom 2 couple. Sometimes I think, because of the show title, people subconsciously have it in their heads that Vee is a teen mom when she is actually 24 years old.

Oh, and if that ring Vee is wearing on her left hand has you wondering if Jo and Vee are engaged, we’ve went through that with the same ring back in November and Vee emphatically stated at the time that they were not engaged.

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