Is Jessa Duggar pregnant again? Baby bump #3 allegedly spotted ahead of Counting On season premiere

Counting On‘s new season is just days away from premiering, so it’s time for some well-placed gossip: Is Jessa Duggar pregnant again? According to an alleged eyewitness who reportedly saw Jessa sporting a brand-new baby bump near the Duggar compound, the answer is a resounding yes.

We can’t stress enough that the Duggars are set to return to TV this coming Monday night. And, as devotées of tabloid gossip are well aware, exciting and dramatic stories about reality TV stars often happen to get published just as a big new project is coming to fruition. So, with that in mind, here’s the supposed scoop, which a fan of the Duggars who says she occasionally mingles with them shared via a burner account on the Counting On subreddit:

I’m using a throwaway because I don’t want to be identified, but I have some insider news… Jessa is preggers!

I have evangelical family members who live near Fayetteville and they run with the same crowd as the Duggars, who they mingle with sometimes. I visited them last week/weekend and my cousin took me and my 1-year-old with her and her kids to a group play date thing at someone’s house, and Jessa was there with her boys.

Jessa didn’t say much to me and she – and a few other moms – kind of had an air around them that exuded exclusivity if you know what I mean? I got the vibe that she disliked outsiders so I didn’t try to talk to her. But she had a noticeable baby bump. Her shirt was somewhat tight so it was obvious that she was pregnant and definitely past the stage of eating too much for dinner the previous night. She appeared about 3-4 months pregnant.

I lurk on this sub sometimes and when I noticed that Jessa was pregnant I immediately came on here to see if it was common knowledge yet. Looks like it isn’t, so I wanted to pass this insider info to you! It looks like she’s trying to keep it on the down low until she makes an official announcement, but you heard it here first! 😉

Not long after that comment was posted, The Hollywood Gossip noted that “insiders say that Jessa and [husband] Ben talk about expanding their family almost constantly.” And In Touch pointed out that Jessa often says she wants a big family.

If she is indeed pregnant, news of Jessa’s third child — she gave birth to her second son, Henry, in February of 2017 — would likely be music to TLC’s ears. Counting On lost the entire Dillard family since last season; the Duggar family has also been dealing with a recent child abuse controversy due to their ties to pastor Michael Pearl. (Click here for our explainer on Michael Pearl’s controversial teachings.)

Jessa’s pregnancy would also be in keeping with Counting On‘s pregnancy-heavy new season. Joy-Anna Duggar is due to give birth in the next few days; Kendra Caldwell recently revealed she and Joseph Duggar are having a boy; and Jinger and Jeremy announced her first pregnancy this past January 4th.

Counting On‘s new season premieres Monday, February 26th at 9 PM on TLC.

(Photo credit: Is Jessa Duggar pregnant again via Instagram)

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