Drew Barrymore’s friends reportedly fear she’s near ‘rock bottom,’ may require rehab

Drew Barrymore’s alleged struggles with alcohol may have taken another turn — but is Drew Barrymore going back to rehab? According a new report, friends allegedly close to the star say she’s nearing ‘rock bottom’ and may need help.

Life & Style reported on the alleged development earlier this week. According to their take, the first public inkling that something might be wrong with Drew came during her March 28th appearance on Watch What Happens Live, which she spent “drinking and chatting” with host Andy Cohen.

The episode was well-received — but not, apparently, by those close to Drew. Her friends are “very concerned,” said the anonymous source, speaking specifically with regard to Drew’s “alcohol consumption during the segment.”

The source went on: “[Friends] fear it’s only a matter of time before she crashes and burns….The bottom line is that Drew’s an alcoholic and she’s drinking again. She’s not hiding it.”

The report ended with what seemed like a warning shot: Drew has to “rein it in before she hits rock bottom again.”

Here’s a clip of Drew Barrymore’s Watch What Happens Live appearance last month:

Drew and her husband Will Kopelman have two children together. Their first, daughter Olive, was born in December of 2012; Frankie, their second, was born in April of 2014.

Neither Drew herself nor anyone associated with her has commented publicly on the allegations. Drew’s two most well-known stints in rehab came after her childhood rise to stardom exposed her to a “party girl” lifestyle. Drew discussed this part of her life — while, it’s worth noting, drinking from a Corona — in a far-reaching Guardian interview back into 2015. You can read that interview here.

(Photo credits: Is Drew Barrymore going back to rehab via Instagram, Felipe Ramales / Splash News)

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