Why Drew Barrymore named her daughter Olive

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Drew Barrymore gave birth to her daughter Olive with husband Will Kopelman last September, and described the experience of motherhood as being like “having the worst crush of your life!”

The 37-year-old actress shared the above photo of Olive dressed in a lobster costume (for Halloween she was a lobster in a pot) on last night’s Oprah’s Next Chapter and on this morning’s Good Morning America she revealed the secret behind Olive’s name.

My husband and I were looking through a book and it talked about what size your baby is as it’s growing inside of you. And they always use for some reason as a reference. And so, at that time our baby was the size of an olive, and that was it, we never looked back.


Drew was also on GMA promoting her new beauty line, Flower, which she’s building from the ground up and will be sold exclusively at Walmart.

Lara Spencer brought up the fact that Drew’s been very vocal about not putting any pressure on herself to lose her baby weight quickly, and Drew responded “This is a time to be nice to ourselves and not feel bad about what it is or shouldn’t be. I also think that when it comes to post-pregnancy life, beauty line, it is happiness when it comes from the inside you look and feel your most beautiful. Happiness is a choice, happiness is an answer.”

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