I will watch Burt Wonderstone based solely on Steve Carell’s photo awesomeness

Burt Wonderstone

That is my main man Steve Carell as down and out Vegas magician Burt Wonderstone. The film isn’t due out until 2013 but if I’m lucky enough to still be alive I will be watching this film based solely on that photographic awesomeness.

Here’s the plot for Burt Wonderstone via IMDB:

After breaking up with his longtime stage partner, a famous but jaded Vegas magician fights for relevance when a new, “hip” street magician appears on the scene.

It’s pretty obvious that they’re going after Siegfried and Roy with the Vegas magician partners thing and that get up. The only way this could be anymore awesome is if you try and tell me that Steve Buscemi is playing Carell’s old partner. He is!?!

Jim Carrey has signed on as well as Olivia Wilde and James Gandolfini. That suit is gonna look amazing on the big screen!

Photo: Splash News