VIDEO Courtney Stodden calls Brody Jenner an a**hole, challenges him to an ‘act off’

Courtney Stodden smoking Brody Jenner

Courtney Stodden looks to have transitioned from her Marilyn Monroe phase into her Elizabeth Taylor phase as she GOES OFF on Brody Jenner in a new video while smoking a cigarette and sporting a tightly wrapped cloth over her recently shaved head.

So why in the world is Courtney Stodden furious at Brody Jenner? Because he suggested that Courtney should be the actress who plays Stephanie in the movie version of The Hills. “That’s what you get Stephanie for talking sh*t!” Brody adds.

That comment lit Courtney’s fuse, and then……KABOOM! Here’s the video, followed by a slightly censored SFW transcript:

Ohhhh my god! Don’t even get me started on that Brody Jenner! He’s an a**hole. Seriously.

But you know what? He is — he is — he is such an ass.

One: He’s derogatory towards women. Basically, like, categorizing women as, like, they’re talentless, regardless of how they look. Even if they look a certain way, “Oh she looks like that, she can’t act.” F***ing asshole, seriously.

Two: Kicking a woman when she’s down? I have been dealing with so much lately, your timing is sh!t Brody!

And three: I don’t think you can act! So, why don’t we do an act off? I challenge you to one. I can act circles around your ass. Seriously. So, and act off or f*** off.


Courtney Stodden Brody Jenner act off challenge

So far there has been no response from Brody.

If you’re curious whether or not Courtney can back up her acting bravado, you can check out her chops in this video clip of Courtney portraying crack-addicted prostitute Tamra Munn!

On a side note, I’m thinking an Act Off competition show might actually be a good idea. Celebrities can compete against each other reenacting famous movie scenes — very similar to Lip Sync Battle, with just as many opportunities for cringe-worthy moments as well as pleasant surprises. In the first episode, Courtney and Brody could act out a scene from Cat On A Hot Tin Roof together!

We’ll wrap this post up with a smokin’ pin-up snap of Courtney from the clip:

Courtney Stodden smoking

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