VIDEO – Jamie Jungers tells the Today Show’s Meredith Vieira she dumped Tiger Woods after he wouldn’t give her money


This morning Jamie Jungers answered questions from Meredith Vieira about her relationship with Tiger Woods. She wore a fancy sparkly beauty spot near her eye for an extra dash of “class.”

Jamie says she met Tiger in 2005 in at a Las Vegas nightclub when he asked a VIP host to send her over to meet him. They partied, and then headed over to the MGM hotel, drank some more and eventually it “became clear” to her that “Tiger was interested.”

She thought it was just a one night fling, but Tiger called the next day to smooth talk her, prep her for future sexual encounters, and ask for her to save his number under a different name, you know, “in case [she] lost her phone.”

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Jamie knew that Tiger was married, and she thought about that a couple of times, but she went ahead with the affair because she’d had the hots for him for a while. Jamie spent some time at Tiger’s house in L.A. and says she doesn’t know how people didn’t know about them because people took pictures of them everywhere they went.

Jamie denies that she is a paid escort as Madam Michelle Braun claims, and also denies getting money from Tiger. In fact, she broke up with him because he wouldn’t give her money. She was short on cash because she was “at the end of a six-year relationship,” and needed to move out of her (ex)-boyfriend’s house.

Video of full interview below:

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