As well as hosting the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, Rebel Wilson is writing a sitcom and movie for herself


Thursday night during the final episode of Jersey Shore (don’t worry, you can still get your fix from Snooki & Jwoww and Pauly D’s new show on E!) MTV ran a commercial for the 2013’s Movie Awards starring the host, Rebel Wilson! Move over, Russell Brand.

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Rebel’s lightening wit has stolen movies like Bridesmaids, Bachelorette, and Pitch Perfect over the past few years, but she’s done being the side-character. The Australian-born actress-writer already has a few major projects up her sleeve: she’s developing a sitcom and a movie for herself. She told UK’s Metro: “I’d like to do more writing/performing rather than just come in as an actress.”

She also told a crazy story about why she ditched law school to go into acting. It involves hallucinations brought on by malaria:

That was really fun until I got malaria and almost died. When I was in the hospital the drugs made me lose my hearing and I started hallucinating for two weeks. All I can remember is this hallucination where I was an actress winning an Oscar at the Academy Awards and, instead of doing an acceptance speech, I did an acceptance rap. When I recovered I told people about it and said it was a sign and I was going to become an actress. Everyone thought I was nuts. I’d already got into law school and would have become a lawyer but I followed my gut instinct and enrolled in acting school.

Rebel took this premonition seriously, because she believed in Oprah:

I used to watch Oprah and she said: ‘If you get a whisper, you should listen to it,’ but this was a full-blown hallucination which lasted days. A lot of people would have thought it was stupid to act on something like that but it was so powerful I took it very seriously.

2013 MTV Movie Awards air Sunday April 14.

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